Apr 12, 2010

Basti's Cooking Lesson Number 1 : Corned Beef with Potatoes


The other night Basti came home with a can of corned beef and some pieces of potatoes. He said that's what he wants to eat for dinner. I grabbed the chance to start the cooking lessons he was asking me about a few weeks back. So Basti helped me prepare the potatoes and the corned beef for cooking. At first I was hesitant about letting him use the knife all by himself, but he assured me he's a big boy now and can handle it. So he sliced the potatoes the way he wanted it sliced and diced, he got no help from me there. I was the one who actually cooked but  it's good he helped me prepare the food. This is his first time to do such a thing.  Baby steps, bay steps. 

And there's Simon looking on. From the look of his face, I'm sure he wanted to grab the knife from his Kuya and do all the cutting himself.

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