Apr 9, 2010

Baclaran Shoes and Blessings

Today is Mommy Moments day but I will be posting my entry tomorrow 'cause I still need to find pics. Incidentally the topic is also about shoes. Now for some good news!

I received my first online salary. Hooray for me! Not much compared to my regular salary before but not bad  for 2 to 3 hours worth of  daily work at home, at my own leisure. That felt really really good. A year ago I never dreamt this would be possible. 

With my first online salary, I bought some groceries for the kids. I was able to buy Simon his much needed ointment for his diaper rash which have became really really nasty due to the heat.

And then, I went to Baclaran to see what I can buy for P500 or around $11. I'm on a budget and I really needed a new set of clothes for my client interview. Baclaran, like Divisoria, is a good place to shop. You just need to know where to go so you'll get the best quality for the most affordable price. I don't buy in retail stores there. I go to the  wholesale section. Some of them will sell an item at a wholesale price, if you ask nicely. So I was able to buy a good quality pair of shoes at $3, a slacks for 4$ and a blouse for $4. The pair of shoes is a treat. It was the last pair and can't be sold anymore wholesale so I got it at that price. 

So I dressed up for my client interview, even wore that new pair of heeled shoe. Gosh, I can't remember the last time I wore heels. It has been years! I wanted to look good and feel confident. I even had my hair trimmed. I wanted to make sure I get hired. The client interview is the most crucial interview in this industry. Even if the HR Manager or the Recruitment Manager likes you and think you're qualified for the job, you won't get hired it if the clients find something they don't like in you. 

So I headed off to my client interview only to find out that I will be interviewed via phone from overseas. Ahehehe.  After all the effort and time I put on dressing up and making myself prettier I won't even be seen, not even on webcam.. Isn't that funny? 

But then my efforts paved off  and did a good job for my self-confidence, I guess, because I got hired! Another hooray for me! 

I have less than a month before I start training which is more than okay so I could enjoy the rest of my short SAHM experience, while it last. The best outcome of me staying at home for almost a month now, is that the kids are not anymore sleeping at 12:00 or 1:00 in the morning. They go to bed earlier at around 10:00 or 11:00 and wakes up at 6 in the morning or 7. We have established a routine where we turn off the lights at the sala and everyone lies down  and they know it's sleeping time. Sometimes Simon tries to play in the dark but gives up most of the time when he sees Kuya Sam and Kuya Basti pretending to be asleep or at least trying to sleep. 

I thank God for all the blessings He's giving me and my family. We're having a difficult time right now but there are so many things to be happy about that the difficult part pales in the background and things becomes easier. And I become more hopeful of  good things that tomorrow may bring. 


  1. I have visited divisoria before but I probably haven't visited baclaran. Are they close? Nice shoes, medyo mahal lang naman, but I like the style :)

  2. @Mel,thanks for visiting! Divisoria is in Binondo, Manila and Baclaran is in Paranaque, so parang opposite ends sya. I prefer going to Divisoria but it's too far from us kaya Baclaran na lang. The shoes are only P150, sobrang mura 'coz 250 dapat yun sa Baclaran and siguro around P500 sa mga malls or even more. Masarap mamili sa Baclaran and magsimba sa Redemptorist Church. Hope maka visit ka pag andito ka na ulit sa Pinas.:)


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