Mar 6, 2010

Spending Time with Friends

It's been a long time since I have seen college friend M. The last time I saw her was on Simon's baptismal a year and a half ago, and we were not able to talk long because there were so many guests and so many things going on back then. On the other hand Bestfriend Ning and I always see each other almost every week or every other week. And we always ask M to join us but we have had no luck with her. She's always busy!

And then one day,  we got a call, a text,  and a message in facebook that she wanted to see us. WTH!  This made me really think. She's not one to do that out of the blue. Apparently, she said she's going away to move far south and may not see us for a long time, so she wanted to see us before she go.

It's always good to see old friends. We spent the day catching up, remembering old times, and just laughing at and with each other. The good thing about my two friends is that we (or should I say I) can  tease (them), and laugh at each other and no one gets hurt or  gets even, LOL. I miss M already. She'll be going somewhere south  but it's a secret where, so I'm keeping her destination secret.

We ate at Cabalen. Here's Ning's favorite food of the day. Yes, it's snails cooked in coconut milk. (Ginataang Kuhol).

Filipino food, Thai, and Japanese cuisines are available at Cabalen for an eat- all-you can price. Here's my plate of Filipino Desserts.

My tummy ache after eating and laughing so much. Afterwards, we went home to my house so the Ninangs (godmothers)  could see their inaanaks (godchildren) where they were entertained by the very outgoing Simon.

It was again another happy day. Thanks M and Ning for that  wonderful day!

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