Mar 17, 2010

The Power of Thoughts and Spoken Words?

This morning, as hubby was leaving for work, I reminded him not to sleep on the bus. I even jokingly told him to sit beside women only, I wouldn't mind. Many things happen on a bus, especially when you are asleep. I told him these because he might lose his things while asleep, or that he might get victimized by pickpockets and such. . I asked him if he's all set and if he has everything that he'll need. Especially his cellphones. And he said yes.

By around 9:30, he was chatting with me online and asking if he had forgotten his cellphones at the chair by the door. Ay Sus Mio!

I thought to myself, do I have ESP? Did I have a premonition that something like this will happen,  or is this what they call as the power of thoughts and the spoken words?

My husband has 2 cellphones on that small bag,and that small bag he keep inside his satchel bag. And worse, he's using both cellphone for his loading service so both SIM / phones has still Autoload and Smart loads on it of less than a thousand each. We're trying to have the globe sim deactivated but Globe said it's not under his name. Hay, que horror!

I think we wouldn't get the cellphones back. I'm still praying that whoever found it or got it will find it in his heart to return it, if indeed he just dropped it somewhere by accident. But I called the two phones right after he chatted me and both phones are turned off. 

I could live with the thought that we lost the two time, hehehe. They're both old and they had to go. Still we can't afford to buy new ones right now, especially that I've just resigned from work. But what saddens me most aside from him not having any phone anymore, is that  we also lost all pictures of the boys that we haven't transfered yet to the computer. That broke my heart. That really broke my heart.

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  1. Oh, that's so sad. It really hurts when you lose something you bought with your own money plus the pictures that are irreplaceable.


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