Mar 2, 2010

My Thoughts This Tuesday : No Migraine Monday = Happy Day

Yesterday was one of the best Mondays I've ever had. Why? Got no migraine this Monday. I woke up feeling fresh and awake. For the first time in decades I was not sleepy. This continued till evening and on to my to Tuesday morning shift. It was a happy day. 

Before I went home today, I  bought a birthday gift for Basti's teacher. Just a small token of appreciation for my son's second mother at school. Teacher C was pleasantly surprised but I knew beforehand that most of the students brought her gifts. Basti was worried that he won't be bringing a gift to school. We were not able to buy a gift Monday night.  He was worried that he's the only one without a gift for Teacher. So, I made sure to bring Teacher's gift to school. I was glad that the school guard let me in. Basti shyly gave the gift to teacher and I went home as soon as I handed over the gift, not wanting to disrupt the class. 

Sam was at my mother in law, and I felt sad all of a sudden. This was the only low moment of the day, not being able to see Sam when I got home.

 Simon was having slight fever so I took him to the pedia. He's throat kinda sore. He was given ammoxicillin and Ambroxol, so he should be okay in a day or  two, so nothing to worry there. 

And, as I was about to go to sleep and call it a day at 4 in the afternoon, I received word that I got paid for my first ever online job and I was ecstatic. Wonderful wonderful news!

I thank God for this wonderful day. May tomorrow be a better one. I am looking forward to seeing my two best friends in college. Excited!

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