Mar 30, 2010

Busy Monday

Yesterday was a busy productive Monday for me. I accomplished so many things in just one day. 

Monday morning, I was up by 5am proofreading materials my sister sent me (I'm her unofficial proofreader / assistant).

I was not yet done by 9 am but I had to prepare for my final interview for a job I'm applying for, so I had to stop. The company is very near our house (around 15-20 minutes only if there's no traffic), the job is on dayshift, and I won't need to talk because I'll be on email support if ever. 

By 11am, I am being interviewed. Whew! That was one of the most agonizing 10 minutes of my life. My hands were cold when I shook the hands of the interview. The last time I did that was almost  3 years ago. 

By 12, I'm was doing another exam specifically for email support. 

By 1, I'm done, and was told to just keep my lines open and to expect a call by this week. I'm not exactly sure if that means a no or a yes, but it could be just exactly that. I hope I get the job. We'll see after the Holy Week. 

At 3pm, we were at Basti's school. He placed 6th in his class. I'm so proud of my Basti (and ashame of myself, hehe). Due to my busy schedule I did not have enough time to really focus on his studies daily (Yes, say it, I'm a bad mom). But still Basti did good at school, even without my proper guidance. He's like my brother when we were growing up. We never saw him studying but he always got perfect scores in exams. Congratulations Basti! We brought Teacher some ice cream because Basti wanted to give her a gift.

At 4, Basti, Simon and I were at home. Simon took his afternoon nap and sleep for well over 3 hours. Which is good since at that span of time I was able to finish the proofreading assignment my sister gave me. 

7:00 - Finished proofreading. Simon woke up. Played with Simon. 

At 8 hubby came home. I cooked dinner which is you know just rice and fried eggs. You think it'll be something complicated but that's what Basti wants, and it's the start of the Holy Week anyway. 

And by 11am, we're all asleep.We had to turn off all the lights though so Simon would sleep. He'd been keeping himself busy running around the house, singing, dancing and just talking to everyone in his own little language and managed to keep everyone exhausted keeping up with him. When turned off all the lights, he settled down to bed though.

So it was a fulfilling Monday. The only thing missing there was Sam.  He was with us at Basti's school but he went home to his grandma and will be back tonight. I seem to be missing Sam a lot nowadays. 

 And Today is a beautiful Tuesday morning! Did I bore you? I promise I won't do this again though.

The kids are still asleep. And now, I have to do my household duties, clean the house, cook lunch, wash the dishes ,and all those stuff before they wake up. Gotta go, everyone. Have a nice Day!

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