Feb 22, 2010

What's making us laugh this week - Sarah's New Sunsilk Commercial

Yesterday, at last, after almost a week,  I got all of my boys together. Then later on tonight , Sam will go back to his Grandma while Basti and Simon stays at home. It's good that today is a holiday. I almost forgot why. Today we commemorate the 1986 EDSA Revolution . And so Basti has no class and we'll be able to enjoy the rest of the day today as a family before Sam goes back tonight to his Grandma.Only for a day. Sob.

Yesterday, Basti got excited once again over Sarah Geronimo's new commercial. This new commercial of Sunsilk is what's making us laugh nowadays. It showcases Sarah as Jenny Raymundo in Sunsilk’s Hair Is Your Moment microseries. Viewers are asked for their votes on how the story will go. Watch the video to know more. This is the first of the microseries aired last last Sunday.

When Basti saw this commercial the first time,  he grabbed my cellphone and wanted to text his vote immediately and I wouldn't allow him. He laughed and laughed, urging me text in "Tumalon sa pader, mama! Tumalon sa pader!". I guess everyone wanted to see Sarah climibing over those walls. And I was right. So here's the video of the result of the votes. This was aired yesterday, Feb 21, 2010 in ASAP.

So what's next! Basti's wanted Sarah to see a ghost.We're excited on how this story will end. Ang babaw ng kaligayahan namin, hehehe!

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