Feb 25, 2010

My Alarm Clocks... Sure To Wake Me Up!

Wednesday is officially Sam's day.  Sam comes home every Wednesday to spend the day with us and then goes back to his grandma come nighttime. So every Wednesday, I don't go online. Wednesday is dedicated to Sam. He can play games in the computer the whole day if he wants, he can play around the house all day, and he can pretty much do anything he wants. On Wednesdays, he's the king of the house. Even his kuya Basti knows this. This is our way of making up for time he was not able to spend with us. Yesterday, however, we received great news that hubby will be going back to the day shift, and so this Wednesday, Sam stayed and did not go back to his Grandma's house. He wouldn't have to stay at his Grandma for the rest of the week, and hopefully he does not have to for a very long time.

Sam is such an affectionate child and it's so easy to miss him when he's not home. He's very noisy too, hahaha. Wednesday night, he woke me up at 11 in the evening. He kissed me all over the face shouting, "Mama, giying giying na!" (Mama gising, gising na! - Mama, wake up, wake up!). Yes, he's still bulol (tongue tied) at 4. Then, “Bilis, bilis! Hurry! Hurry!”  I missed that. I missed him waking me up so I won’t be late for work.  I sleepily mumbled, "Ok baby, Mama’s awake now".  Upon hearing this, he went downstairs, continued playing, and I… went back to sleep. I felt so sleepy and groggy; I did not have the energy to get up. I drifted to sleep again, and in just a few minutes, Sam was back in the room again waking me up…MaaaaaaaMaaaaa giiiiiiyiiiiing" in his singsong voice. (He always does the singsong tone when he’s saying something and I’m not listening, as if to tell me that he’s really being patient).  This time he wouldn't let go until I stood up. Holding my arms, he dragged me out of bed, and guided me through the door and down the stairs. I had no choice but to wake up though I'm feeling dizzy. Like a mother hen, he talks noisily, like a mom chastising a child. Both Basti and Sam gets mad whenever they wake me up and I don’t get out of the bed ASAP.  Yes, I have my two boys as my personal alarm clock and I  think my boys are developing a sense of responsibility with the task assigned to them every night.  They know how important it is for me to wake up on time so I could go to work on time.

Ain’t I lucky? They are more efficient than any alarm clocks I’ve ever had. They would  not run out of battery. They wouldn't stop until I'm fully awake, and plus,  I get a bonus of  wet kisses and warm hugs too!!!


  1. Wow, that's a nice sweet alarm clock you have. lol!

  2. Yep, kaya lang kahit gusto ko pa matulog, ayaw na nila ako tantanan, huhuhu! Thanks for dropping by, Paula!


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