Feb 26, 2010

Visit Philfoodex At the Megatrade Hall

My officemates (Dessa and Pon) and I, went to Megatrade Hall this morning. We really had a good time hopping from one booth to another, sampling different kinds and types of Pinoy foods. I have so much to tell and to show, but right now I'm so tired from the trip back home, and I spent so much time downloading pics from my mom's cellphone. I never knew it could be this hard. How am I supposed to know that I have to buy a USB connector for this phone. Thought it works on blue tooth.  After a few hours of trying and almost more than an hour of chatting with tech support guy of Globe, I finally managed to send an MMS to my other phone, and I was able to download by logging in at globe.com.ph/getmms site. Yes, the other phone is not configured so all the pics goes to a temporary folder at the globe site for 24 hours. Thank God for this service. 

Here are some of the pics I downloaded, only 3 of them. I gave up on the others because resizing failed.

Yum! Yum! Halo-halo for only P20

Mangoes and fruits anyone? from all over the country

My favorite Okra freshly harvested from Tarlac. These are not for sale but is only on display for foreign visitors, but still,  I managed to persuade the exhibitor to give one bagful. Yahooo!!!

I'll be adding some more pictures tomorrow but right now I have to go to sleep. I stil have work at 1am. It is now 5pm. Huhummmmm. Sleepy.

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