Feb 5, 2010

Our Love Languages

mommy moments
My love language is physical touch. I love to hug my kids and hubby, and hold hands with them while we walk. My kids are always showered with hugs and kisses, sometimes welcomed, sometimes unwanted. Basti Simon and Sam always get a pat on their heads for a job well done and a kiss on their foreheads before I head out the door for the night. I hug them a lot so that they will feel loved a lot.

Sam love language also is touch. He loves to be hugged, and kissed. Although sometimes he resists, especially when he's playing and very active, he loves to just sit down on my lap or his tita's lap when he's quiet and relaxed. Which is something I never saw from Basti. Sam is every bit a child. When he's sleeping, he takes his best buddy Jollibee with him. He needs something to hang on to and would not sleep without it. When he was younger he would not go anywhere or sleep without it. I talked about it on this blog a year ago. When I apply massage on him, he gets really really quiet, and you can see just by looking at his face how much he enjoys being massaged. When he's sad and not feeling well, he asks to be picked up. Sometimes he would just hold my face between his hands and give me a wet smacking kiss on the lips. When he sleeps, he needs to be patted and he needs to be really close to his Papa. He loves to wrestle a lot.

Basti's love language is quality time and acts of service. I could not decide which one is more dominant. I think he loves it when we are alone upstairs just talking about what went on at school during the day. He listens intently to what I say and the times we are alone are the times he asks the most hard-to-answer, out-of-the-blue questions. Unlike Sam, he does not want to be touched. He does not want to be consoled or be hugged or be comforted when he's sad or angry and brushes all of us away, especially when he's crying. He just wants to be left alone with his misery, hehehe. He loves to spend time with me or his papa doing activities like cooking midnight snacks, playing games, watching DVDs, playing online games, even watching horror movies. He's old enough to prepare his own glass of milk, but sometimes out of the blue, he will ask me lovingly if I can prepare for him his glass of milk. He's very mindful of promises, especially of promises broken. He loves his Mama Tess because she takes care of all his needs, from preparing his bath, helping him prepare for school, to preparing his meals. He also loves spending quality time with his aunts and uncles at his Lola’s house. He likes going to his Lola’s house because people there are really what we call in Tagalog as "maasikaso" and "maalaga".

Simon's love language is words of affirmation. He loves to be the center of attention and his face beams when he's being praised. He knows when we are talking about him, like, he sways from side to side and flashes us his sweet smile. He would sing along Villar and Noynoy's campaign jingles and would wait for us to clap our hands in appreciation. He wakes up in the morning with a smile as if saying hello world, I'm back. He really gets mad when he knows we do not approve of what he's doing. He would cry his silly cry with only sounds  and no tears as if he's only acting. Then Suddenly he would laugh as if teasing us all. He's so proud of himself!


  1. Its nice that at a young age, you have already discovered each of your sons love languages. They maybe brothers but still unique. You're lucky to have 3x the love. :)

  2. thanks judy! i began to appreciate each person's uniqueness when I saw that uniqueness in my boys. i realize, we may all be born to the same parents, raised in the same house, but we have our own traits that are ours alone, so each of us is different..... i'm rambling on again, hehehe

  3. its great that you know your kids very well.. what a blessing to nurture them in every aspect!

    glad you can join us this week! :D


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