Feb 24, 2010

My Thoughts On Tuesdays : Blessings, EC Ads, Philfoodex

Tuesday morning, after work, my officemate, Henny and I,  went to Megamall to do some grocery shopping. I was awarded with 1000 pesos worth of Gift checks that I can spend anyway I want as long as I spend it in SM, hahaha. Getting these GC's is one of the unexpected blessings which I am really thankful for. I do my job and I'm rewarded for just doing my job. It may not be a lot to some people, but with that 1000 GC I was able to buy 1 can of infant milk and diapers for Simon, growing up milk for Sam, and some bread and biscuits Basti can munch on. Isn't that great?

While Henny, my officemate, went to buy her keyboard protectors and mouse, I went to the Megatrade Hall, to catch a glimpse of what's happening there. There's a job fair and there's a long long line of applicants waiting to get in to be interviewed. I kinda felt ungrateful all of a sudden. I'm wanting to resign from work, and there, other people were lining up for a job. I'm so blessed. And I feel awful about myself.

Anyway, aside from the job fair, there's nothing to see at the  Megatrade Hall. That's understandable, because it's a Wednesday. Fairs and exhibits usually start on Thursdays. But the good news is that there will be PhilFoodex on Feb 25 - Feb 28. I'm excited over this. As you know, I love going to trade fairs and exhibits. Hmmmm, time to set up a date with bestfriend Ning. This is something to look forward to. 

When I got home, baby Simon was not around. Mama Tess, who takes care of the kids during the day, had taken it upon herself to spend the day with Simon at their house. This was fine with me, my mother was able to rest during the day since she'll be the one to take care of little Simon in the evening. 

I spent three hours online, doing my online job, planting and harvesting in Farmville in between, adgitizing and dropping ec's. It was while dropping Ecs that I was shocked to find an adult oriented ad on the EC widget right there on my sidebar. I can't remember ever approving that ad. After some investigation, I found out that it's one of those sponsored ad. I was aghast! I vowed I would be more vigilant and check those sponsored ads everyday. I don't want adult-oriented ads on my family friendly blog. While adgitizing I found out that Greetje GreetsYou had the same problem. She had to put a disclaimer above her EC widget.

Moving on, I think I was quite productive this Tuesday. I finally saw my kids in the evening and it was such a joy seeing and hugging my Simon, and my big boy Basti. I still missed Sam though. I can't to see him....

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