Feb 4, 2010

My Saturday Affair - February 6 : Art and Music Festival at the Megatrade Hall

I'll be spending my Saturday with officemates and bestfriend,  Ninggay. After work, I'll be heading over to ex-officemate's Krizzie's house for some bonding moments. And then after that , bestfriend Ning and I will be seeing each other, where else, but in our favorite place, Megamall. Why Megamall? Because Megatrade Hall is there! And what's in Megatrade Hall. Events, trade fairs, exhibits, which I love going to. For this weekend, here's what I found from MomCenter Weekend Planner.  

 We'll surely be dropping by. For now, I'll make this very short. I still have to look for pictures for Mommy Moments tomorrow. Topic would be Love Language.

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