Feb 17, 2010

The Last Air Bender : At last !

One of my favorite cartoon shows is TV 5's Avatar : The Last Airbender.  Actually Nickelodeon's  Avatar. I said TV 5 because I only get to watch Avatar at Manila's ABC 5 every afternoon before I go to sleep. I love the Tagalog version, and really try to follow each episode every day, when I'm not too sleepy, that is. Basti and Sam love Avatar : The Last Airbender too. So, when James Cameron's Avatar was shown,  we got excited thinking that it was the Avatar that we love. Everyone says that Cameron's Avatar is excellent but since it's not the Avatar that I want, I got biased, and does not want to watch it anymore, hahaha.

Imagine my happiness when I read at Yahoo! that the Last Airbender, (our Avatar!,) is set to show in May July. I'm ecstatic!  This is one movie that I and Basti is definitely going to watch. There goes the kid in me.

Here's the clip of the Last Airbender.

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, this Avatar is supposedly a darker version of the original cartoon show, but Basti and I wouldn't care. We watched most, if not all of M. Night Shyamalan's movies, and we  love them all.

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