Feb 13, 2010

TutuTina's One Million Thank you's Giveaway!

My internet connection finally worked the way it's supposed to! For the first time I was able to adgitize without any connection reset. Wow! For the first time, as in for the first time, it happened! And I was about to call them today. What a coincidence!

So while I was adgitizing (new word? not yet in the dictionary) I came across a blog mentioning Tututina's one million thank yous Blog Giveaway in celebration of her 1million views milestone. One million! I have a long way to go, hahaha. It so easy to join! I copy and pasted the mechanics of the contest from Tutina's site. Yes, i'm lazy and tired and sleepy!, Awake for almost 24 hours now. )

Here are the prizes and mechanics. I missed the 1st draw, but there's still a 2nd and 3rd draw.

1st prize - $15.00 and 3 months of free advertising!
2nd prize- $10.00 and 2 months of free advertising!
3rd prize- $5.00 and 1 month of free advertising!

Advertisements are in a special top spot and the winners will receive their prize money into a paypal account.

How to Enter:
It's sooo easy to enter! All you have to do is blog about this giveaway, and leave Tututina comment letting her you've done that. You must leave her your blog address or URL so she can see that you've posted about this giveaway in order for your entry to be valid. That's all!

Draw Dates:
Feb 12: 3rd prize
Feb 19: 2nd prize
Feb 26: 1st prize

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