Feb 12, 2010

Blogging On Hold

Why am I not blogging these days?

I discovered Farmville and it's taking too much of my time.I wish I had not started. I knew it. I knew I will be hooked. Darn!

My internet connection sucks and is not good for bloghopping, adgitizing, and EC dropping. I become frustrated every time I adgitize or EC drop because my connection gets reset. I'm about ready to call our ISP  and demand for a refund or termination of contract, which I'm sure (under the terms of service), is not possible. Maybe I'll call this weekend.

 Hubby was transferred to night shift and I and the rest of the family had to adjust to a new set up. Blogging and bloghopping is set aside for now while we figure out how to keep 3 little boys under one roof without their Mama and Papa keeping watch during the night. This new set up leaves me sad and lonely, and anxious for my kids who had never slept before without their Papa by their side.s Today, I cried because I miss my Sam so much. He had to stay with my MIL this pas week.

I found an online work at last and am now testing the waters so to speak.

This week had been hectic, busy, frustrating, and emotionally draining for me. I'm sooooo ready for the weekend. I can't wait to go out and enjoy the whole Sunday with the whole family!

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