Feb 2, 2010

Bedtime Discoveries : Bedtime A to Zzzzzzzzz

I have always said that Sam and Simon have the sleeping habits of a call center agent. They sleep very late at night sometimes until 1:30 in the morning. They wake up around 10am, and sleep again in the afternoon. You would think that after getting enough sleep in the afternoon and after running around and playing all day long they would not have the energy anymore and would be sleepy by 10pm. But no, sad to say, unfortunately for my Nanay and my hubby who takes care of them after I leave for work, they are wide awake, fully alert, until the wee hours of dawn, when everyone is dying to go to sleep and could not keep up with them anymore. I call Simon and Sam my call center babies. Sometimes I wonder if working at nights when I was pregnant had an effect with the sleeping patterns of my kids. Hmmmm. I have no problem with Basti since he's such a sleepy child and goes to sleep before 12 or even before that. I think that my kids wait for me to head out the door at 12 in the morning before they even consider calling it a day.

For a long time, I thought we are not normal. Especially, when our neighbors kids seem to be asleep already at 9 in the evening and my kids are still awake at 1 in the morning. Until I attended the Bedtime Discoveries: Bedtime A to Zzzzzzzzz at the Ascott Residences last Saturday. I learned that there are other mommies like me who have the same problem. Well, we are still not normal, but at least we are not alone, yehey!!  And I learned there are things that I can do to improve this situation. I love this event because I was able to identify problems that need to be addressed when it comes to the sleeping habits of my boys. I could tremendously relate to the topics discussed.

What I learned in this fun filled event?  

That babies produces 3x more hormones during sleep. That's why aside from nutrition and other factors affecting growth, sleep is one of the most important. Now I understand more the reason behind the siesta time our parents and grandparents imposed on us when we were kids. So deeper sleep our kids have, the better it is for them.

That my kids are not getting enough sleep. (LOL). As if I don't know this yet. Infants and Toddlers, like Sam and Simon, should have at least 14 hours of sleep. I think they're getting only 11 hours including afternoon naps. Close, but still not enough.

Quality and length of the sleep matters. Nighttime sleep is better than daytime sleep. But in kids like Simon and Sam, it's the quality and length of sleep that matters. It is important that they don’t have instances of awakenings once they sleep. 

There is hope! I can train them to sleep earlier through a daily bedtime routine.  Okay, this is easier said than done. But we need to start somewhere right? And we need help, from Johnson's, of course!

They have JOHNSON´S  Baby Bedtime Routine,   to prepare kids for bedtime and to help improve  the quality of their sleep.

I tried this on Simon and Sam Saturday night and  they love the massage. They seem to have relaxed quite a bit. Although they did not go to sleep right away, old habits are hard to break, I noticed less activity that night. The kids seem to be just contented lying in  bed tickling each other,  and for once, there's none of the running that goes around most of the time. Well that's a good start, don't you think?
For more info re baby massage, setting the tone for sleep, and Sleep 101, I'll be lazy and just  recommend that moms go to the   Johnson's Baby Bedtime Sleep Library. 

Huhummm. I need to go to sleep. Still have work later tonight. Must.have.good.night.sleeep. 

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  1. Wow. Near-instant effect! Would love to hear more about baby sleep from you :)


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