Jan 31, 2010

Welcoming A New Sibling

mommy moments

Better late than never. Got so busy last Friday and Saturday.. and too tired as well,  with so much calls coming in at work.. that I was not able to post my first ever Mommy Moments entry.

I'd like to share just the same. Here's a pic of Basti and Sam when Sam was a just a few days old. Taken with their Papa's cellphone camera. 

The first few days were difficult for Basti (being an only child then, he's so used to being the center of attention of a big household) but he warmed up to his younger brother pretty quickly. It's just a matter of educating him beforehand of what will happen when his little brother arrived. When I was pregnant, we bought a book, Aba, May Baby Sa Loob ng Tyan ni Mommy! and we read it almost every night. There were nights when Basti would wake me up from my sleep because he saw Sam moving in my tummy. So I would say it was a quick adjustment for Basti.  I heard him one day say to baby Sam, "Ikaw pala yung gumagalaw sa tyan ni Mama!", amazed.  Below was a photo of Basti and Sam, a few years later.

But when Simon was born, Sam had a little bit difficulty adjusting. He had more than the usual episodes of tantrums and cried at the slightest bit of provocation from Basti. Sometimes he would ask to be picked up when Mama was holding Baby Simon. He was scared of Baby Simon and wouldn't go near him for some time. He became Mama's little helper but dared not go near his brother. I guess he was scared.

This is a rare photo of my three boys when Simon was just a few days old.


Now, my three boys spend their days playing with each other, running around the house, shouting, screaming, wrestling, (yes even 1year old Simon joins in the fun), bickering over toys and online games,   making our house look like a war zone everyday.


  1. Hello Mommy Mai! Ang cute naman ng mga boys mo! :) I signed up for Adgitize na rin. See you around the blogosphere. :)

  2. thanks Glad! I'm glad, ahehe! See you sa next blogging event! Naks!

  3. with my two boys, the home's a war zone already. how much more with three :D

    i posted late too : New Baby?

  4. i love the 2nd photo.. so sweet! glad you can join us this week.. hope to see you again next week!

  5. thanks chris! i'm already planning for next friday's post! excited!

  6. I love the first photo, then when i saw the last one, i am teary eyed. i know this one is rare indeed. ganyan din kasi ang mga anak ko, parang laging may giyera sa bahay. pero pag inaway naman ng mga pinsan nila, magkakakampi :-)


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