Jan 22, 2010

NeuroLinguistic Programming For kids

One of the best talks I've heard yet on any events  I attended was the talk by Ms Elaine Ledesma at the Mom's Today Sa Ugoy ng Duyan at the Dusit Thani last October 10. She talked about Neurolinguistic Programming for kids.

One of the most important rule of linguistic programming  for kids is  to AVOID SAYING NO, and DON'T. Hence instead of saying, don’t run, it would be better to say "Walk".  Use positive words always.

Apparently, our kids have their own preferences on how to learn. Some children learn faster through hearing, others through seeing, and others by touching, hence there are visual kids, auditory kids, and feeling kids.

The VISUAL child learns more through reading and watching. This child will always be looking up either to the upper left or upper right, or if not, straight ahead , has high pitch of voice, and will always use words such as LOOK, SEE, IMAGINE.

The AUDITORY child learns through listening, either through songs, sounds, etc. He/she loves different voices and sound effects, is usually talkative, and loves hearing himself speak, and usually talks to himself a lot.   An auditory child would likely become a newscaster in the future.  The auditory child usually looks to the left or right side or down left.

The FEELING child loves being hugged and kissed. This would the future athlete. A feeling child always looks down right. An example of a feeling person would be Sharon Cuneta who uses hand gestures to express herself more.

The lecture was very enlightening for me. As she was discussing the traits of each type of child, I began to understand my boys more. Basti would be the visual child. He loves to draw, watch movies, and read. Sam is the auditory child, he loves listening to music, loves to make sounds as he plays, and loves to listen to educational cd's and his V tech computer which emits sounds and voices every time he touch the buttons. It's just sad that he can't talk that much at this point... I can imagine all the things he'll have to say!   Simon is my athletic child. Always on the go, always crawling, always wanting to go out and play outside. I call him my adventurer; he always goes where no one dares go before LOL.

One of the key to improve communication with our kids is to know  their learning preferences. Thanks to Ms Elaine!


  1. Simon will be a perfect partner for my little boy sis, never runs out of energy!


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