Jan 16, 2010

More on Basti's Root Canal and Simon's Teething

One of my friends said that root canal therapy is not painless at all. Her sister had root canal done and it was so very painful according to friend. And her sister is an adult. Hmmmm. Did I hear the doctor right? By painless, does he mean less pain. Alright, he did not say pain free right?

This led me to go online to research more on the process. I even went to forums and read some posts from parents whose kids had root canal. Some kids are having a hard time chewing after a root canal therapy, and still are suffering from pain. If the root canal treatment does not work, the tooth may still need to be extracted. And there may still be a chance that the damaged tooth may still get infected after root canal. With the expense and the thought of a possible series of traumatic experiences for Basti, I am getting more sure each day that I’ll just have his tooth extracted.

More on teeth, Simon is teething again. I don’t know if the two upper teeth erupting are molars or canines. I found a really good article re teething on New Parents Guide which is very easy to understand. First molars usually come out at 10 to 14 months, and canines erupt 15 to 18 months. Looks canines to me but probably more of molars than canines, since he has not grown molars yet. Simon has all these symptoms; irritability, drooling, and coughing, biting & gnawing, cheek rubbing and ear pulling, not sleeping, cold like symptoms (runny nose. Good news is that Simon loves his pacifier less and less. He does not ask for it or cry over it anymore. Maybe he has outgrown it or it is not enough anymore to sooth his teething pain. He's beginning to chew on anything he can lay his hands on though. Bad news, hehehe.

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