Jan 20, 2010

Haiti In the Mind of An 8-Year Old

The wind blows strong outside... and I don't like it. No, no, no. It looks like there's a storm coming, and I don't want to experience one just yet. I pray that we'll stay dry just a little bit longer. I don't want to look back to what happened last year, but we all know what happens when there's little bit more rain than what's needed. Yes, the memories of typhoon Ondoy will forever leave me rushing home every time there's little bit of rain. And remembering Ondoy, my mind wanders to what's happening in Haiti. The events there are so sad and tragic that I kept off blogging about it or even talking about it. I find it hard to write about painful memories or things. But then, I can't just pretend that it never happened. I have to acknowledge that there are people halfway across the globe suffering tremendously. I could at least pray for them, and pray for us too, who are safe that such a thing may not happen to us. Yesterday, Basti asked me, Mama, magkano ba ang TV? (How much would it cost to buy a TV?). I asked him, puzzled, why he wanted to know. He said, Kasi pag lumindol, pano naten papalitan ang TV naten? (Because...If there's going to be an earthquake, how would we replace the old one?). I stood there immobilized for a moment. After some time, I calmly told him to not think about such things. Should there be an earthquake that big, we would not even think about buying any new appliances. I asked him to pray at night for his and everyone's safety. Once, he asked how come all the buildings collapsed. Are they not built strongly enough? These are the questions of my 8-year old, and it pains me to answer them. It pains me because I know what it means to be hurt, physically, and I cannot stand the thought of children hurt, hungry, homeless, and parentless. But as much as I don't want to think about Haiti and Ondoy, I have to, because my Basti needs answers. Answers for his questioning mind and his troubled little heart.

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