Jan 8, 2010

The Fall of the Wisdom Tooth

One of Basti's last remaining wisdom teeth fell off  yesterday morning while he was brushing his teeth. He did not want to go to school because he was scared his classmates might tease him when they see his missing tooth. We said there's no problem with that, all  he had to do is to not smile! He laughed upon hearing that and the gap in between his teeth showed. But then he was okay again  afterwards. He went to school  but then in the afternoon when he got home, we found out that he was runing a  fever and his neck seemed stiff. Did it have anything to do with the wisdom tooth.? Is it normal for a child to have a  fever when a wisdom tooth falls off?  Since it was almost night when he got home from school, I had him take  paracetamol and promised him I'd take him to the doctor today if he does not get any better by morning. And today,   he's feeling better,  as if nothing happened. Well, I'll  still be taking all of my  three boys tomorrow to the doctor for a check up where I'll have some of my questions answered.

this was basti's picture last year at a time when he lost most of his wisdom teeth
One of the last of the wisdom teeth. Tsk tsk.  That means that my Basti is a big boy now.  He asked me if I can stop from calling him my baby. Well, I can't help it. My boys will always be my babies, no matter how big they grow. But I promised him I would not refer to him endearingly as a baby anymore. So I won't. But who knows, sometimes, we mommies tend to forget right?

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