Jan 16, 2010

Bonding Moments Online

Basti now has a new computer. Well, yes, it’s supposed to be my computer, but I don’t want to take ownership over it especially so, when Basti chipped in with his Christmas money. Yep, he even came with us to the store where we bought it. By the look of things, I might as well go back to my favorite internet café. I can’t concentrate at home, can’t blog properly, especially when the boys sit beside me, fidgeting and asking every 5 minutes if I’m done. I decided then to set a schedule so that all of us can use the computer at different times during the day.  I also made a new set of rules at the house, that is, no playing on the computer until all assignments are done, and no playing during exam week. And maximum of two hours each day only.

So now, the boys spend a few hours everyday, huddled over the computer, their bodies and faces close together, as they play online games or downloaded games on the computer. Even Sam knows how to play Hidden Objects and Memory Games. He’s really good at Memory Games. Sometimes he just watches and sometimes Basti lets him play alone. Basti seem to be a little more “cooperative” ever since we had the computer installed.  They shriek, even Simon, laugh and shout at each other when playing. Just three little boys having a good time. One Friday afternoon, we just sat on a long chair in front of the computer and helped each other find missing objects in a Hidden Object game. Good bonding moment for the four of us. Just us, three little boys and a call center mommy. How I miss my digital camera!

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