Jun 28, 2009

My Three Boys : Look-a-Likes

I was digging through the files of old photos when I found pics of Basti and Sam when they were about 6 to 8 months. They look so much alike at about the same age. I was inspired to make a scrap of these pictures and added in Simon's photo too at 7 months.

Michael Jackson : The King of Pop

It seems that on Thursday the world stood still. The King of Pop died. I can't believe my ears as people say, as if in daze, that Michael Jackson is dead. I found myself staring at the monitor, my mind blank, after I read online confirmed report of his death. I was deeply saddened by the news. I was born in the 70's and grew up listening to Michael Jackson songs in the 80's. My elementary school years and high school years are filled with memories of school presentations with the boys moonwalking or the whole class dancing Thriller on special occasions. I remember singing "We are the World" during United Nation Day programs.As far as I know, in my generation Michael Jackson is the biggest star.

I Know John Lennon, and Elvis Presley, and all the other stars, but I did not live their songs. There are no special events or fond memories in my life that I can associate with their songs. The only emotional attachment I can come up with on any Beatles Songs is that of "Strawberry Fields Forever" and that is only because my father own disc of it which I discovered when I was a kid.
When I got home, I broke the news to my family members and it seems my husband and I are the only ones affected by the news. I told Basti that Michael Jackson is dead and he said "Who's Michael Jackson?” I tried to explain who he is by singing (or tried to) some of his songs. Basti just shook his songs in each and every song. Nah, don't know him. I forgave him, he's just 7 anyway. His father and I were not even dating yet when Michael Jackson performed in Manila back in '96. I finally gave up and just waited for the evening news. When the news came on, I made sure Basti is watching. For some reason, I want him to know that this is not just an ordinary happening. Basti's only comment is that Michael Jackson looks like Johnny Depp in Charlie's Chocolate Factory. I realized that this is what kids will see when they see Michael Jackson, a white face man, who look like Dr. Wonka. It's sad that the younger generation will never know the great artist that was Michael Jackson. They will never know the Michael Jackson that our generation knows, the one that we idolized before he was 'transformed" to someone else. Whatever he had become, or whatever the public thought he had become, he will always be the King of Pop.

Jun 24, 2009

Dad's the Greatest at Momcenter.com

Last week I joined momcenter's pick of the week contest. It's an online photo contest for members of momcenter.com. I submitted pictures of Sam and Simon, and a picture of Edwin and Sam. I figured that if Edwin wins the Dad's the Greatest category, that would be the best Father's day gift I could give him. And so my entry for Dad's the Greatest was accepted, thanks to momcenter. The picture I submitted was of Sam and Edwin in a swimming pool at Dasma, Cavite which was already posted here.

I picked this picture because it showed how Edwin as a loving father talks to his kids and listens to them. The picture was part of a whole (as you can see on my previous post). I sent emails to friends asking them to vote for Edwin as Dad's the Greatest. My officemates laugh about my pic because it's seems that the model does not want to be seen or recognized. Nonetheless, they voted. (or were force to vote! haha!). Edwin did not win Dad the Greatest Category. But it was all worth it. I had his picture out there, he's one of the greatest dads, and we're proud of him! Win or no win, for Basti Sam Simon and I, he's still the greatest Dad! And he does not mind his picture being posted out there. The only objection he had is that I could have posted a better picture of him, haha. It was fun asking friends and officemates to vote especially with all the jestings that I got. And although Edwin did not win, I won as the voter of the week and I got a gift check from SM! Yippeee!
I hope all I invited will join momcenter and then they can be my "friends". I recently discovered the Photoblog Calendar Page and I'm ecstatic over it. I could post a photo of the kids each and every day. This makes it easier to record their everyday activities and their development. I'm excited and can't wait to get started. There are so much more to discover at momcenter.com. I haven't even started browsing through all the links yet but I'll be sure to check on Do-It-At-Home Activities, Vaccination Guide, and the mommy forums. And I already have online friends!

Jun 19, 2009

Our June Calendar - Simon at 4 months!

This here is our June Calendar. Took me some time to post it. This is Simon at 4 months old. My! He looks so very big in this picture. This was taken at his Lola's house Christmas 2008.

Now, he's already 10 months old, has 4 front teeth, already sitting down and crawling, and trying to stand on his own. He's such a bundle of joy!

Jun 18, 2009

Mommy Events in the Merry Month of May

I was so busy the month of May that I was not able to post anything on my blog. I even forgot to make my scrap calendar for May. Here it is now. This is Basti and Sam on their first studio picture when they were 1 and 5 years old.

I attended so many mommy events and these events took up most of my Saturdays. This "fascination" which is becoming an addiction started when I chanced upon “Mommy Power" in Megatrade Hall one Saturday morning. I love going to trade fairs. I developed the habit of going to trade fairs and exhibits when I started working for a Japanese government agency that had direct contacts with local exporter and farm producers. So every now and then, I visit Megatrade Hall, and it is in one of these visits that I saw Mommy Power. It was the first time I attended a Parenting Seminar and I got overwhelmed with the wealth of information that I learned and with the tons of goodies and freebies that I got. The Mommy Power booths have so many activities and freebies to offer. And then I got so many goodies from the almost 3- hour seminar. There were so many freebies that I had a hard time going home, and was laughing hysterically when I got home as I imagined how I look lugging all those bags. I had to buy a HealthToday magazine and MomToday for P100 to gain entrance but it was all worth it. I even won a bagful of cotton balls which was really great because we needed that for the baby Simon. It took us 2 months to consume this bagful of cotton.

I enjoyed Mommy Power so much that I swore I'll go again and I'll take all of my friends with me, hahaha. The Monday after that, I search online for all mommy events in town. The next Saturday of May my officemate and I went to Expo Mom, an event sponsored by MommyPages. There were lot of booths supporting the MommyPages advertisers and there were speakers for attachment parenting, giving kids proper nutrition, and other topics. There were magic show, balloon show, and circus act, and a musicale for the kids. It's an all-day event for the family. It's kinda sad if you go there and you don't have the kids with you. I love the Baby Johnson Booth where a demo on bathing a baby was shown. I learned that the old way of testing the water with the elbow has been replaced with testing the water with the palm of the hand. Nestle also had a booth where we bought Nestle Cerelac Gold Prunes. For some reason, I can't find the Cerelac Gold anywhere. Need to contact Nestle. Simon loves it!

And then, the 3rd Saturday of May, (May 16, 2009) I went to Mommy Academy 17th Pregnancy and Baby Series at the Dusit Thani. I like Mommy Academy. They have been around for quite sometime. When I was pregnant with Sam, I wanted to go to one of their seminars, but was not able to because of my work sched. This time around, I made it a point to work out my sched so I could attend. It was a good thing that I did, because I learned so many things. I like the fact that most of the speakers were medical doctors. The topics were Do’s and Don’ts of Pregnancy and What to do during your Baby’s First Year. Although I have 3 kids already and though I know already what I needed to know, I gained so much more info. There was a talk on common misconceptions, facts and myths re childcare set by our elders. I love teacher Claudette’s parenting talk. I got to take home some freebies too! I won gift package from Playtex Baby which I know is quite expensive.

The last week of May, I took a rest but went online and searched for mommy and parenting websites. I found so many that I have to choose only the best ones. So you see the links at the sidebar. I love being a part of the community of mommies who goes online and share experience with other mommies. Although I have yet to share one, I'm glad to know that there are other mommies out there that are as anxious as I am. And when I need an answer to my question, at least now I know where to find them.

Mommy Academy will hold their 33rd Pedia Talk Live! “Parental Guidance” on July 4, 2009 (Saturday) at the Dusit Thani. I don't know when the next Mommy Power event is but I'll be sure to buy MomsToday and HealthToday to check. I think it's going to be sometime in August, also in Megatrade Hall. I'm just guessing though, hope I'm right. We mommies need more of these events!