Feb 27, 2009

Children's Playground

On Basti's field trip, we also went to the Children's Playground in Luneta. We stayed there for almost 3 hours before we went to Manila Ocean Park. I would say that Manila Ocean Park was amazing but the kids had the most fun in the Children's Playground. The Playground needs a lot of improvement but nevertheless it was heaven for the kids.

Giant stone dinosaurs and other stone animals are scattered all over the playground.

The Tree House with Slides

Basti making his way up.

Basti took a picture of us. Then said, who's that kid with you?
We don't know. He took a picture of the elephant, not us, hehehe.

The big Slide
Yes, it's old, but it is still so much fun!

Basti had so much fun that we decided to go back. We went there again on my birthday, knowing that Sam would be very happy playing around the playground.

More of Sam's adventure in Children's Playground on future posts.

Feb 17, 2009

Manila Ocean Park

Basti had their field trip last January 2009. I wanted so badly to be with him on this field trip, not only because I missed all of his field trips over the years since he started school, but I also wanted to go to Manila Ocean Park. I was so excited although I was not sure at first if I'll make it. The field trip was set on a critical work day and leaves were not allowed on a critical work day. Good thing the field trip was postponed and I was able to file a leave.

And so here are some of the pics of Our Manila Ocean Park experience.

the entrance of manila ocean park

to the ticket booth

First we went through what they call as the Agos. I love this part of the MOP, there's greenery all around and the sound of cascading water gives peace and calm to the spirit. There are different water tanks and some alligators. The nearest tank by the door holds the biggest fish I have ever seen in my whole llife.

the landscape of Agos

Basti watching the alligators below

Father and son poses for the camera

Then we went to the section called Bahura, a dark room filled with tanks containing different species of fish and flora found in coral reefs. I could not belive that there are fishes that lights up like mini flashlights. Basti went nuts over this. There's a tank that holds water from Manila Bay.It looks very very dark and the corals are lined with dirt and the tank is fileld with garbage. A big contrast to the clear, clean water and colorful fishes the other tanks have. We were not able to go over each and every tank because Basti was hurrying to get out of there so he could go to the Living Ocean.


We found Nemo, the clown fish!

The best part is the Living Ocean. They say that this is an underwater tunnel. I don't know if we were literally underwater. I feel like we're underwater though. We saw schools of fishes and stingrays floating from all around us. I felt happy that I was able to share this experience with hubby and Basti. We just stood there for a moment and took it all in. I'm a little bit dissapointed to see that the tunnel is shorter than I had anticipated it to be. The battery of the 2 digicams we took just for Manila Ocean Park ran out, and so it kinda dampened our spirit that we we don't have more pictures. This one below is the best shot that we had before the batteries ran out.

There are other areas , the Laot(Fishing Ground) has different kinds of fishes in the deep sea. Ang Kalaliman(The Deep) has barracudas on it. They didn't look as menacing as they look on TV. I'm sure it's because there's a glass wall that divides us, haha. There was also an overhang tank that houses the Pagis. The tank looked dark somehow. I did not enjoy looking at them that much.

It was already raining outside when we left Manila Ocean Park. It was definitely a learning experience for the three of us. Is it worth the price. Yes, maybe. Considering that the nearest place that you'll find those fishes without getting wet and without spending tons of money or risking your life under the sea is there in MOP. I just wished we could have stayed a little bit longer. Overall, it was a great day for all of us, especially Basti!

Feb 16, 2009

February Calendar

I was inspired to make a calendar out of the kid's pictures. I started with February since no one will be looking at January anymore. My February calendar holds a picture of Sam posing for the camera before he turned 3. He was in his Lola's house, in Tramo, holding his favorite toy, the green Power Ranger which was given to him by his cousin. The Green Ranger had lost one of its arm but it remained Sam's favorite, even now. Sam used to take it with him everywhere he goes. It was in the same league as Jollibee, but it had taken the backseat to the Bakugan ball I gave him last Christmas.

Feb 13, 2009

Simon's Binyagan - Church Picture

This is Simon's only baptismal picture that was taken in the church. We were not able to take pictures because everyone was trying to listen to what the priest was saying over the din of crying babies and voices of excited mommies, daddies, and godparents. I decided to scrap it since I don't want it to be just any ordinary photo to look at.

This is the best one I have made so far (I'm so cheap haha!. Let's say when it comes to scrapbooking I'm still in the Stone Age. But I'm still trying. Coz I love what I'm doing!) I think this one is simple but I love looking at it. For my just recently discovered passion for scrapbooking, I buy most of my stuff at National Bookstore only (All About Scrapbookin'). Sometimes I go to Megamall at a craft store which I cannot remember the name, it's either Craft World or World of Crafts. Good scrapbooking stuff can be found also at Papelmerotti and Simple Joys. Oh the joys of Simple Joys! So many nice papers to look at, touch , and go crazy over. ... I had a hard time finding alphabet rub ons though. I found the letter rub ons on this picture at a Japanese Home Store in Star Mall. They sell it for P88. I don't know if that is expensive or not. It's definitely worth it. It gave my picture a scrapbook look , don't you think? Well, this is me, the beginner.

(Yeah, I don't look good in the picture. Not my best angle. What the heck. My Baby Simon looks really really cute pa rin. He cried and cried during the ceremony and during the reception. One would think he does not like being in the church. He just smiled and played with the guests when almost everyone had already left the venue. )