Dec 1, 2009

Small Tree for the Three Boys

At last, over the weekend, Hubby and I managed to set up the Christmas tree. It was not very a difficult task since our Christmas tree is just small and simple one. We put old trimmings and put some stuff toys under the tree for the meantime since we have not done our Christmas shopping yet. It's already the first of December and yet I haven't seen Christmas decors and lights yet around the neighborhood. Same time last year, most of the houses along the stretch of D Fajardo where we live are already sparkling with Christmas lights and decorations. Now, there's almost none. Must be the effect still of Typhoon Ondoy. People are keeping everything at a minimum.

Anyway, Simon loves the Christmas tree. He danced and bounced around it when the lights were turned on. When Basti and Sam came in from their long "vacation", they hovered around it and waited for their father to turn the lights on as well. The smile in their eyes makes setting up the Christmas tree worthwhile.

I edited the pix of this Christmas tree with Picnik. Sam chose the lights at the border. It made the picture darker, but that's what Sam wants, so what the heck. Hubby and I plan to put on more trimmings once we have the time, if ever we'll have the time, hopefully. Anyway, what will matter to the kids will be what'll be under the tree.

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