Dec 6, 2009

Sam and Simon's Bonding Time

Yesterday, I took pictures of Sam and Simon  playing. Simon tags along while Sam rides an improvised car, a plastic basket where they put their toys. 

Ever since Simon was born, Sam had always  keep his distance from him. Sam helps me out in taking care of Baby Simon. He's always been Mama's little helper. He would hand me diapers, baby powder or bottles when I need them without being told. He picks up Simon's pacifier when he drops them. He voluntarily looks for lost things and toys under chairs and tables for Simon, and would call me when Simon goes places he's not supposed to go. He's a big brother alright in his own little way. The small things he does for his little brother touches my heart. Like, how he automatically runs to turn off the fan every time Simon comes in from a bath. But he keeps his distance. We think that he's careful not to touch him, or he might break. In rare times, when Simon's asleep, he would pat him on the legs and say "bebi'. Or he would purposely walk away or moved in the other side of the bed when we put Simon near him. We know that it's not that he does not like Simon, it's that he might be thinking that Simon's so fragile, and therefore, scary. 

But lately, when Simon started walking and running around the house, we noticed that Sam has grown closer to Simon. He now lies down beside him. He plays around him, and runs around him. They sat side by side now playing with their own respective toys. Sometimes, they fight over their toys. Simon would not let go, and Sam,  sometimes gives way. But then, that's just sometimes. He's just a little kid after all. 

I am happy to see that Simon and Sam are now playing together. Simon is catching up with his big brother real fast. Like the way  Sam caught up with Basti in terms of play. Hope my three boys grow up close to each other, and be each other's friend when they grow up.  They are usually are a happy bunch, with the house always full of shrieks and laughter, more like a war zone, with all the sound effects, hahaha.

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