Dec 13, 2009

New Finds at the Megatrade Hall

I found these cute bags in one of the stalls in the Pinoy OFW Expo last Friday. What's nice about these bags is that they are handmade by the UST (University of Santo Tomas) Commerce Students. Being handmade, each of them is unique. Prices ranges from P180 to P210). If interested, please send them an email.

Another new find for me at the Pinoy OFW is the Tuna Ham from CITRA MINA. I can't find the website. I think it's undergoing maintenance. The tuna ham that is on food taste is really really delicious. Talk about being healthy this holiday season. This box here cost P180.

Another booth I found of interest is that of the KILUS FOUNDATION of PASIG. I was not able to take pictures of their stall or products but here's a sample from their site.

Yes, their products are bags, fashion accessories, home accessories made of doy packs and discarded zesto juice box. The Foundation was born as an offshoot of the Clean and Green Project of Baranggay Ugong in Pasig City some years back. Please check out their kilus product catalog  for more.

And of course, I bought another set of  healthy snacks for the kids. I already tried before squash and  malunggay pancit canton. Frankly I'm getting sick of pancit canton, healthy or not. Good thing I found, this time, from Power Nut (whose image model by the way is Christine Bersola, if it matters),  the malunggay sing-a-ling.   

What's a sing-a- ling? It's a native rice or flour cracker we usually munch on during bus trips. It usually is yellow in color but this one here from Power Nut is green because of the malunggay flavor. 

Everyone at home, including Baby Simon thinks it's delicious. Kuya Basti is forbidden to eat because he has tonsilittis and it's a little bit salty. Very delicious and healthy. Love it. They even have Malunggay Juice.

I enjoyed Megatrade Hall last Friday. At the Royal Mega Sale,  this man made a little boy run away and cry in fear. 

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