Dec 29, 2009

MOmCenter December Photoblogging Contest!

Only 2 days to go and the Momcenter  photoblogging contest will end for the month of December. I so badly want to win, not only for the prize, but just for the sake of winning, hahaha. I've been making a career out of this for the longest time, and my officemates cannot believe the effort and the dedication I put into this. WTH,  I love photoblogging, it's something I enjoy doing. A picture paints a thousand words, as they say. So easy to do! And I love the challenge of  trying to get the most views!  So if you have the heart, just give me this chance! Help Us WIn the December Photoblogging Contest! Just click on the link!

And as you know already, my digicam is not working right. What perfect timing! So I have no photos of  our Christmas celebrations. I have to wait for friends and family members to upload their pics. So I decided to put in photos from yesteryears. I went to my friendster account and email inbox and I dug up rare photos of the kids and the family. I got misty eyed. Looking at and posting old photos, I realize how big my kids have grown and how I have forgotten certain moments in our lives, happy moments, bonding moments. Well, I think that's what photoblogging does. It helps us remember.

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