Dec 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to The Greatest Dad of All!

To the greatest Dad in the world, Happy Happy Birthday!! Thank you for taking care of us. Thank you for your patience, for your love, for your energy,  for spending time with the boys, for staying up late at night watching over them while I go to work, for making sure they are asleep before you rest for the night, for waking up in the middle of the night to prepare milk for Simon and Sam,  for spending time cooking their midnight snacks, for watching DVD with them, for taking care of them better than I can, for making sure they are fed and cleaned, and they have towels on their back.

Thank you for everything you do. Because of you our lives are happier, we feel loved and secure. Because of you,  I have peace of mind at work, knowing that the kids are protected and taken cared of the whole night while I work. Thank you for letting me sleep when I need to. Thank you for adjusting to the life of a call center agent, even if you have work of your own to adjust to.

Thank you for being gentle with them, for your kindness, for understanding, for making me see the brighter side of things, for not losing your temper with them, errr  with us, hehehe, for being patient with three little rowdy boys, and a call center mommy.

Thank you for being you!!! We love you!!!

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