Dec 10, 2009

Good Food, Good Life, Good Health at the Nestle Christmas Party!

Last December 5, I went to the Nestle Club Christmas Party at the famous Julius Maggi Kitchen. I was really excited when I got the invite. I have been a member for a very long time, and I have never been part of any Nestle Club activities. It seems that Nestle Club is holding this every year but they can only accomodate a certain number of people since there are more than 575,000 member households already. 

Activities included a lecture on how to stay healthy  (maintaining ideal sugar level & cholesterol level) during the holidays, a primer on the Nutren  (Milk for Diabetics),  a demonstration on giftwrapping basics, and finally a cooking demo by Chef Thess Sulito.

The cooking demo is what I enjoyed the most. Chef Tess prepared Teramisu, Shanghai Lava sticks with Salsa Dip, and Sweet Potato Cream Soup with Bacon Bits. Good food that are very delicious and very easy to prepare. All recipes Available at the Nestle CLub Recipes Page. I was really sleepy because I just came from work, but I really enjoyed the event because  Chef Tess was so entertaining, witty, and funny. 

After the cooking demo,  we made our very own teramisu. I brought mine home, and hubby loved it!  We also had a very sumptuous lunch, and in the spirit of gift giving we went home with a bag of goodies from Nestle.  

The very next day, I tried cooking the  Shanghai Lava sticks with Salsa Dip at home. It supposed to look like this : (photo courtesy of Nestle Club)

But for some reason, mine look like this : 

Arrggggghhhh!!! My Shanghai Lava looks like Lumpia.  I'm sure Chef Tess will laugh out loud when she sees this. Well, you can't say I did not try, right chef?

Good Health, Good Food, Good Times. That's What the Nestle Club is all about. Thanks for a wonderful time and good company!

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