Dec 25, 2009

Christmas At the Office

Tapping my fingers on the desk. Browsing through my email while waiting for calls. Feeling kinda sad that I am not at home, with my kids at the first 10 hours of Christmas day yet consoling myself with  the thought  that I will be spending the remainder of the day with them and that there will be no work tomorrow since it's Christmas in the US.  It was like this last year. I went to work on Christmas eve while my kids stayed with their dad at their grandma's house. I just consoled myself with the thought that they will be sleeping anyway all through the night to  midmorning anyway.

Well, it's better this way than to be away from home on New Year's eve. That would really be terrible. Simon might cry because of the sound of fireworks, and I’m glad I’ll be there to console him and ease his fears away just in case. I silently thank my supervisor for prioritizing us moms with babies for the off on New Year's eve.

This is just one of the sacrifices that we, call center mommies, make. Not being with  our kids on holidays. But you know, it's all good, especially when I think of other OFW who did not get to spend even an hour with their loved ones on Christmas day. We are more blessed than some people.

Life is beautiful!  Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

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