Dec 22, 2009

Blurred Image of a Bonding Moment

I love this picture, and I'm really frustrated it's blurred. Something's wrong with the camera. I tried multiple times to adjust the settings but it just stayed like that, with all the pictures blurred. I tried editing this picture in picnik but it really is no good. After sitting for almost an hour in front of the computer just trying to edit this wonderful wonderful pic of us, I gave up. So here goes.

The story behind the photo? I bought Basti a red shirt to use for his dance presentation at school. I went home and had him try it on. And then the kids realized that we are all wearing red that Wednesday afternoon. Sam pointed to each one of us, looking very amused and on the verge of laughing, saying RED! And I grabbed the digicam and everyone hurried to get their picture taken with me!! Can you see us laughing? It was fun bonding moment through a blurred image of  malfunctioning digital camera. I wish someone could fix this for me. Anyone there? I'll love you forever if you can!

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