Dec 15, 2009

24 hours is not enough

I barely have time to sleep today. When I say today, I mean today. I work nights being a call center agent living in Manila. At 10am, I got off from work,  hurried home so I would be at Basti's dance practice together with other moms. And when I got home, I found out that the dance practice was rescheduled  to 6pm instead. So I need to be awake at 6pm.  I got 2 hours of sleep and here I am blogging and attending to my online stuff.  I'll probably sleep for another hour, need to get off this computer now, or else I'll be heading for disaster at work later on tonight. We'll be having 2 hours of pre-shift overtime tonight. That means I have 2 hours less to sleep. Hmmm, will I survive tonight. Good thing my auntie who takes care  of Basti and Sam volunteered to substitute for me at the practice, but I still have to at least show up. I need to wake up at 9:00pm. Need to get out of the house at 9:30, and need to be at the office at 11pm. That means that with the sleep I got earlier, If I'm lucky, I'll get a total of 3 1/2 hours of sleep today... Such is the life of a call center mommy. Yes, 24 hours is really not enough to do all the things we need to do and want to do  in a day. I'm not complaining though, haha. Life still is beautiful!!!

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