Dec 29, 2009

MOmCenter December Photoblogging Contest!

Only 2 days to go and the Momcenter  photoblogging contest will end for the month of December. I so badly want to win, not only for the prize, but just for the sake of winning, hahaha. I've been making a career out of this for the longest time, and my officemates cannot believe the effort and the dedication I put into this. WTH,  I love photoblogging, it's something I enjoy doing. A picture paints a thousand words, as they say. So easy to do! And I love the challenge of  trying to get the most views!  So if you have the heart, just give me this chance! Help Us WIn the December Photoblogging Contest! Just click on the link!

And as you know already, my digicam is not working right. What perfect timing! So I have no photos of  our Christmas celebrations. I have to wait for friends and family members to upload their pics. So I decided to put in photos from yesteryears. I went to my friendster account and email inbox and I dug up rare photos of the kids and the family. I got misty eyed. Looking at and posting old photos, I realize how big my kids have grown and how I have forgotten certain moments in our lives, happy moments, bonding moments. Well, I think that's what photoblogging does. It helps us remember.

Dec 25, 2009

Christmas At the Office

Tapping my fingers on the desk. Browsing through my email while waiting for calls. Feeling kinda sad that I am not at home, with my kids at the first 10 hours of Christmas day yet consoling myself with  the thought  that I will be spending the remainder of the day with them and that there will be no work tomorrow since it's Christmas in the US.  It was like this last year. I went to work on Christmas eve while my kids stayed with their dad at their grandma's house. I just consoled myself with the thought that they will be sleeping anyway all through the night to  midmorning anyway.

Well, it's better this way than to be away from home on New Year's eve. That would really be terrible. Simon might cry because of the sound of fireworks, and I’m glad I’ll be there to console him and ease his fears away just in case. I silently thank my supervisor for prioritizing us moms with babies for the off on New Year's eve.

This is just one of the sacrifices that we, call center mommies, make. Not being with  our kids on holidays. But you know, it's all good, especially when I think of other OFW who did not get to spend even an hour with their loved ones on Christmas day. We are more blessed than some people.

Life is beautiful!  Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

Dec 22, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Let me greet you now a Merry Merry christmas and a Happy New Year! I may not have the time anymore to blog in the next few days. I'll be back after Christmas. Happy happy holidays, everyone!

Blurred Image of a Bonding Moment

I love this picture, and I'm really frustrated it's blurred. Something's wrong with the camera. I tried multiple times to adjust the settings but it just stayed like that, with all the pictures blurred. I tried editing this picture in picnik but it really is no good. After sitting for almost an hour in front of the computer just trying to edit this wonderful wonderful pic of us, I gave up. So here goes.

The story behind the photo? I bought Basti a red shirt to use for his dance presentation at school. I went home and had him try it on. And then the kids realized that we are all wearing red that Wednesday afternoon. Sam pointed to each one of us, looking very amused and on the verge of laughing, saying RED! And I grabbed the digicam and everyone hurried to get their picture taken with me!! Can you see us laughing? It was fun bonding moment through a blurred image of  malfunctioning digital camera. I wish someone could fix this for me. Anyone there? I'll love you forever if you can!

Dec 15, 2009

24 hours is not enough

I barely have time to sleep today. When I say today, I mean today. I work nights being a call center agent living in Manila. At 10am, I got off from work,  hurried home so I would be at Basti's dance practice together with other moms. And when I got home, I found out that the dance practice was rescheduled  to 6pm instead. So I need to be awake at 6pm.  I got 2 hours of sleep and here I am blogging and attending to my online stuff.  I'll probably sleep for another hour, need to get off this computer now, or else I'll be heading for disaster at work later on tonight. We'll be having 2 hours of pre-shift overtime tonight. That means I have 2 hours less to sleep. Hmmm, will I survive tonight. Good thing my auntie who takes care  of Basti and Sam volunteered to substitute for me at the practice, but I still have to at least show up. I need to wake up at 9:00pm. Need to get out of the house at 9:30, and need to be at the office at 11pm. That means that with the sleep I got earlier, If I'm lucky, I'll get a total of 3 1/2 hours of sleep today... Such is the life of a call center mommy. Yes, 24 hours is really not enough to do all the things we need to do and want to do  in a day. I'm not complaining though, haha. Life still is beautiful!!!

Dec 14, 2009

It's Magic!

Have you ever wondered how magicians do their tricks? I do. And some of my questions were answered when my boys showed me that they can also do magic! They had a coin float over a card! They almost had me there until they told me how they did it. It's not the coin, it's the card. Well, the coin got lost in a scuffle over who will get to use the card next, and so we put a piece of paper instead. And Sam showed off, and showed off, and showed everyone who will listen, including Big Brother Basti's doctor.

Amazing huh!

Dec 13, 2009

New Finds at the Megatrade Hall

I found these cute bags in one of the stalls in the Pinoy OFW Expo last Friday. What's nice about these bags is that they are handmade by the UST (University of Santo Tomas) Commerce Students. Being handmade, each of them is unique. Prices ranges from P180 to P210). If interested, please send them an email.

Another new find for me at the Pinoy OFW is the Tuna Ham from CITRA MINA. I can't find the website. I think it's undergoing maintenance. The tuna ham that is on food taste is really really delicious. Talk about being healthy this holiday season. This box here cost P180.

Another booth I found of interest is that of the KILUS FOUNDATION of PASIG. I was not able to take pictures of their stall or products but here's a sample from their site.

Yes, their products are bags, fashion accessories, home accessories made of doy packs and discarded zesto juice box. The Foundation was born as an offshoot of the Clean and Green Project of Baranggay Ugong in Pasig City some years back. Please check out their kilus product catalog  for more.

And of course, I bought another set of  healthy snacks for the kids. I already tried before squash and  malunggay pancit canton. Frankly I'm getting sick of pancit canton, healthy or not. Good thing I found, this time, from Power Nut (whose image model by the way is Christine Bersola, if it matters),  the malunggay sing-a-ling.   

What's a sing-a- ling? It's a native rice or flour cracker we usually munch on during bus trips. It usually is yellow in color but this one here from Power Nut is green because of the malunggay flavor. 

Everyone at home, including Baby Simon thinks it's delicious. Kuya Basti is forbidden to eat because he has tonsilittis and it's a little bit salty. Very delicious and healthy. Love it. They even have Malunggay Juice.

I enjoyed Megatrade Hall last Friday. At the Royal Mega Sale,  this man made a little boy run away and cry in fear. 

Dec 10, 2009

Good Food, Good Life, Good Health at the Nestle Christmas Party!

Last December 5, I went to the Nestle Club Christmas Party at the famous Julius Maggi Kitchen. I was really excited when I got the invite. I have been a member for a very long time, and I have never been part of any Nestle Club activities. It seems that Nestle Club is holding this every year but they can only accomodate a certain number of people since there are more than 575,000 member households already. 

Activities included a lecture on how to stay healthy  (maintaining ideal sugar level & cholesterol level) during the holidays, a primer on the Nutren  (Milk for Diabetics),  a demonstration on giftwrapping basics, and finally a cooking demo by Chef Thess Sulito.

The cooking demo is what I enjoyed the most. Chef Tess prepared Teramisu, Shanghai Lava sticks with Salsa Dip, and Sweet Potato Cream Soup with Bacon Bits. Good food that are very delicious and very easy to prepare. All recipes Available at the Nestle CLub Recipes Page. I was really sleepy because I just came from work, but I really enjoyed the event because  Chef Tess was so entertaining, witty, and funny. 

After the cooking demo,  we made our very own teramisu. I brought mine home, and hubby loved it!  We also had a very sumptuous lunch, and in the spirit of gift giving we went home with a bag of goodies from Nestle.  

The very next day, I tried cooking the  Shanghai Lava sticks with Salsa Dip at home. It supposed to look like this : (photo courtesy of Nestle Club)

But for some reason, mine look like this : 

Arrggggghhhh!!! My Shanghai Lava looks like Lumpia.  I'm sure Chef Tess will laugh out loud when she sees this. Well, you can't say I did not try, right chef?

Good Health, Good Food, Good Times. That's What the Nestle Club is all about. Thanks for a wonderful time and good company!

Dec 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to The Greatest Dad of All!

To the greatest Dad in the world, Happy Happy Birthday!! Thank you for taking care of us. Thank you for your patience, for your love, for your energy,  for spending time with the boys, for staying up late at night watching over them while I go to work, for making sure they are asleep before you rest for the night, for waking up in the middle of the night to prepare milk for Simon and Sam,  for spending time cooking their midnight snacks, for watching DVD with them, for taking care of them better than I can, for making sure they are fed and cleaned, and they have towels on their back.

Thank you for everything you do. Because of you our lives are happier, we feel loved and secure. Because of you,  I have peace of mind at work, knowing that the kids are protected and taken cared of the whole night while I work. Thank you for letting me sleep when I need to. Thank you for adjusting to the life of a call center agent, even if you have work of your own to adjust to.

Thank you for being gentle with them, for your kindness, for understanding, for making me see the brighter side of things, for not losing your temper with them, errr  with us, hehehe, for being patient with three little rowdy boys, and a call center mommy.

Thank you for being you!!! We love you!!!

Dec 6, 2009

Sam and Simon's Bonding Time

Yesterday, I took pictures of Sam and Simon  playing. Simon tags along while Sam rides an improvised car, a plastic basket where they put their toys. 

Ever since Simon was born, Sam had always  keep his distance from him. Sam helps me out in taking care of Baby Simon. He's always been Mama's little helper. He would hand me diapers, baby powder or bottles when I need them without being told. He picks up Simon's pacifier when he drops them. He voluntarily looks for lost things and toys under chairs and tables for Simon, and would call me when Simon goes places he's not supposed to go. He's a big brother alright in his own little way. The small things he does for his little brother touches my heart. Like, how he automatically runs to turn off the fan every time Simon comes in from a bath. But he keeps his distance. We think that he's careful not to touch him, or he might break. In rare times, when Simon's asleep, he would pat him on the legs and say "bebi'. Or he would purposely walk away or moved in the other side of the bed when we put Simon near him. We know that it's not that he does not like Simon, it's that he might be thinking that Simon's so fragile, and therefore, scary. 

But lately, when Simon started walking and running around the house, we noticed that Sam has grown closer to Simon. He now lies down beside him. He plays around him, and runs around him. They sat side by side now playing with their own respective toys. Sometimes, they fight over their toys. Simon would not let go, and Sam,  sometimes gives way. But then, that's just sometimes. He's just a little kid after all. 

I am happy to see that Simon and Sam are now playing together. Simon is catching up with his big brother real fast. Like the way  Sam caught up with Basti in terms of play. Hope my three boys grow up close to each other, and be each other's friend when they grow up.  They are usually are a happy bunch, with the house always full of shrieks and laughter, more like a war zone, with all the sound effects, hahaha.

Dec 2, 2009

Only the Best from the Cordilleras

I Went to the IMPAKABSAT Trade Fair today. The Fair showcases furniture and furnishings, woodcraft, gifts and holiday decor, loomwoven products, silver craft, fresh and processed foods, and Organic and natural products from the Cordillera Region and other nearby provinces. I finally found a knitted legwarmer for myself. I get legcramps when it's cold and pajamas are not enough. There are so many gift items mostly handmade. Exhibits runs till December 6, 10am-9pm. Support Pinoy products!

Dec 1, 2009

Small Tree for the Three Boys

At last, over the weekend, Hubby and I managed to set up the Christmas tree. It was not very a difficult task since our Christmas tree is just small and simple one. We put old trimmings and put some stuff toys under the tree for the meantime since we have not done our Christmas shopping yet. It's already the first of December and yet I haven't seen Christmas decors and lights yet around the neighborhood. Same time last year, most of the houses along the stretch of D Fajardo where we live are already sparkling with Christmas lights and decorations. Now, there's almost none. Must be the effect still of Typhoon Ondoy. People are keeping everything at a minimum.

Anyway, Simon loves the Christmas tree. He danced and bounced around it when the lights were turned on. When Basti and Sam came in from their long "vacation", they hovered around it and waited for their father to turn the lights on as well. The smile in their eyes makes setting up the Christmas tree worthwhile.

I edited the pix of this Christmas tree with Picnik. Sam chose the lights at the border. It made the picture darker, but that's what Sam wants, so what the heck. Hubby and I plan to put on more trimmings once we have the time, if ever we'll have the time, hopefully. Anyway, what will matter to the kids will be what'll be under the tree.