Nov 20, 2009

What Kind Of Christmas Gift Giver Are You?

I took a quiz at the Smart Parenting website on What Kind Of Christmas Gift Giver Are You? My result? I like giving gifts based on what I like, which is probably true. Sometimes I get carried away when I'm at the mall or the Divisoria or Baclaran, I tend to buy stuffs I like, thinking they "the recipients" might like them too. Admittedly and guiltily, I don't have time anymore to jot down wishlists and to research on what my love ones would like for Christmas, and if I do have the time, I would still need to ask myself, would I have the funds to buy them? But I'm not that bad, I guess. I do make the effort to know when it comes to the wishes of my kids, my nephews, nieces and godsons and goddaugthers. But for the adults, I buy gifts that I think they might like and still within the budget, my budget, of course, hehehe.

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