Nov 13, 2009

Of Crushes and Little Boys

I picked Basti up yesterday from school. I brought Simon with me. Simon was excited to see many kids all in one place. And was happy to see his big brother when he came out of the gate.

As Basti was running towards us, some cute little girls were also running with him, shrieking and laughing when they reached us. One of them shouting, "Si Lyka po, crush po si Basti" (Lyka has a crush on Basti!) and off they went, giggling to their hearts content. And Basti went berserk saying to me, "Mama hindi totoo yun! "(Mama, it's not true!) . He felt so embarassed being the object of someone else's attention. I smiled and and thought to myself. " How time flies! Someone has a crush on him already. He's 8 years old and only in the second grade!"

I know girls mature earlier than boys. Basti squirms at the thought that someone has a crush on him, while the girls are very comfortable blurting out their feelings. The whole afternoon, I had to explain to Basti that a crush is just admiration, and that it is only natural for someone to admire another person. A question led to an answer, and answer led to another question, and I had a hard time explaining the differences of having a crush, of having a girlfriend/boyfriend, and getting married. And then I had to stop, and told him to ask his father when he gets home for a man's point of view. When his father came home, he was instructed on the proper way a gentleman should react to such show of admirations.

I could not help but feel amused and sad. Time flies so fast. In just a few years my little boy will be on his own, in highschool and college, and then will eventually get married. Oh, I don't want to think about that. For now, I'll just enjoy the kid in him .... for as long as it takes.

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