Oct 21, 2009

Famealy Meal

A month ago, we received a flyer from Basti's school regarding Lucky Me's Famealy Day. With the flyer was a letter for us, parents, urging us to make every meal a family meal.

As a call center agent, and with my husband working and coming home late from work, I am guilty of the fact that our kids do not have much time to bond with both of us over dinner. I'm usually asleep during dinner time since I'm on the night shift and Basti's dinner is always prepared everyday by his Mama Tess who takes care of him and Sam during the day, and he usually eats dinner with his Nandy. I hope that midnight snacks are counted as family meals because that's when my boys and their father bond. ALmost every night before going to sleep, they would cook noodles, french fries, pancakes, or just nibble on foods they can find at the fridge. On hotter nights, they would make shakes using their Tita's blender. A few spoonful of Milo, bits of ice, and sugar, and voila!, they have an instant chocolate milkshake sprinkled with ...more Milo.

Though the kids do not eat alone, they usually don't eat with us. This thought, and so many others that nag my mind, have given me so many things to think about when it comes to sharing more quality time with my kids. Eventually, transferring to a day shift would be inevitable, with their Papa getting more and more overtime. I would have to make a decision eventually.

Also, in the flyer, was a stationary for kids to write letters for their parents. I showed the stationary to Basti and told him that he can write me and his Papa a letter but he declined saying matter of factly , "Wag na Mama, ikaw naman", shrugging his shoulders. He really feels so grown-up nowadays. Still hoping for a letter, I posted the stationary on the refrigerator door, saying matter of factly, " Ok, Kahit ano pede mong isulat". I was hoping that he will write down his wishes for his birthday. He might write down his wish to go to Enchanted Kingdom. That would be another great family bonding place with the boys.

Well, the letter did not came back to me. It was drenched to oblivion in the Ondoy flood.

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