Sep 18, 2009

Simon On A Walker!

I promised myself that I would not buy Simon a walker. Even when everyone were saying that I should get him one, I remained steadfast. I read somewher that using a walker does not help toddler in the process of walking. It just hinders the child's ability to walk at an early age. Basti and Sam used walkers when they were babies and i could not say that whether it did good for them or not since they were able to walk early on.

Also, using a baby walker is considered to be very dangerous. Canada had already banned the use of walker. I had a first hand experience with the dangers brought by the use of walker. There was one time when Sam was just around 8 months old, he literally walked out of the door while on his walker and got bruised all over. We had to have him CT-scanned for possible head injury. It all happened so fast and for that same reason, I don't want simon to have the freedom that his 2 brothers had. I know i'm being paranoid but with the experience that I had with Sam, I can never be too careful. There were more than 5 people in the house when sam walked out of the door a few years ago and no one was able to stop him because nobody realized that the front door was unlocked and because it all happen in a blur. Nobody expected that to happen. Up to now, at the back of my mind, I was thinking that it might be the cause why Sam had delayed speech development. But that's just me thinking.

But then, one day I got home, and found Simon on a cute yellow walker. Our neighbor, with good intentions, gave him her daughter's old walker, to my mother's delight. I can't refuse, can I? And so even though my heart skips a beat every time Simon walks around I cross my fingers and pray that he won't fall or stumble. Although I don't want him on a walker, my mother finds it easier to take care of her favorite apo, when he's just gliding around, because Simon's so heavy now. Also, from the look of Simon's face, he's totally enjoying his new walker! The look of delight on his face is (almost) enough to melt my fears away!

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