Sep 25, 2009

Our September Calendar

This is what's supposed to be our September Calendar. I like the way I designed this calendar. I cannot find a good calendar printout that will go into the lower right portion where the days of the month should be so I just decided to keep it bare, and just edit it with Picnik.

This is a very memorable photo for us because this is Basti's first studio picture. He's 3 months old at the time photo was taken. We used this photo for his baptismal invitation on February of 2002. I was afraid he'd fall from that small chair so that's my hand holding his legs while he laughed at his Papa. I remember how excited we were back then, as first time parents. We're still excited, of course, over our boys, especially over Baby Simon, but nothing beats the excitement and thrill first time parents feel.

In this picture, Basti looks very much like his brother Simon. I would say that Simon is a cross between Basti and Sam. I call my boys the Look-a-likes.

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