Sep 30, 2009

The More Important Things In Life, Realizations Brough About By Typhoon Ondoy

It was an unforgettable weekend. A weekend that will be remembered for a long time. As my sister-in-law said, this calamity that struck us last Saturday comes only once in a decade. Hopefully. She remembers the last time their house was flooded that high, almost knee length, was in 2001. Ours was waist deep. I have never experienced something like this in all my life. I have been blessed and been spared from the worst, thank God, and only see this kind of things on TV. I am still reeling from the shock that was Saturday.

After losing so many things, I came to realize that the things I lost are things that I can live without and that I have so many junk in our house. Of course, I'm just saying this because we were able to save the more important ones like the kids’ clothes and toys, some appliances, important documents, and photos. The other ones that I've been keeping for years and not using, I came to realize I can live without. I am born a hoarder and never seem to be able to throw away anything thinking that I can use them later on. But at that time as I'm seeing my "hoards" floating in murky water, I did not feel upset. For me, it does not matter anymore. It is with resignation and acceptance that I've given them up and let them go. Perhaps it's for the best. Or perhaps there was no choice. But What matters is that my family was safe, and my boys were sound asleep upstairs oblivious to the danger that could have befallen them if the rain did not stop.

Now a few days after I decided that I don't need all that junk. If there's one thing that I have learned, in cases of emergency, life would be easier or it would be easier to save lives, if you only have a few instead of many things to save, because you might end up taking the less important ones. My husband teased me that with so many unimportant things in the house I could not decide which one to save first. And so the more important appliances , like the washing machine and refrigerator, floated around like a deserted ship in the midst of the ocean. So I’m keeping to the bare minimum, just the necessities.

For the next few days, I'll be going over all of my things, segregating the essentials from the non-essentials. The room upstairs which we keep as a stock room definitely has to be emptied now of all that things that has been sittin there for years. Clothes, bags, toys that have not been used for years definitely must go. For some reason, I had the deepest urge to clean out the house. That and to move to a new one. I am seriously considering taking out a housing loan through PAG IBIG soon. And I will definitely get a house with a second floor.

My boys huddled together in our small room upstairs

I am thankful and grateful to God that all my loved ones are okay. I say a prayer to those people who did not make it through this ordeal. I see many individuals reaching out to calamity victims and I feel proud that I am a Filipino. I am happy that my kids are safe and I congratulate myself that I was able to go through this without being hysterical. I've always hated the rain and this is one of the reasons why. Now every time I see the clouds heavy with rain, I hurry home. So that I will be there for my kids. The event that was Saturday will keep me paranoid for many days to come. And will keep me busy blogging the details of that day.

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