Aug 19, 2009

Love The Healthy Life event on August 22

Moms Today and Health Today will be holding again another family event on August 22 at the Megatrade Hall. This is one event that should not be missed especially by moms and dads. The last time I attended in May I really really had a great time (participating in many booth activities), gained a lot of knowlege too (with the parenting talks in the afternoon), and brought home a lot of freebies too! I'll surely be there on Saturday, even if I have to go alone. (Hubby I think will be attending the free PTTC seminar on Saturday!). I have "recruited" (haha) my friends to go too but some of them will not be able to attend the series of talk in afternoon. Still, this would be a great bonding opportunity with my mommy friends.

Just click on the poster for a better view!

It's best to bring friends along to share the experience. It's sad to be enjoying something good and not be able to share it with anyone you know. I'd be there early since I'll be coming from work and will stay for the parenting talks.

For details of the Love The Healthy Life, please dial the number on the poster.

So everyone, see you there!

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