Jul 4, 2009

Pedia Talk : Stress Management for Kids & Eating Right

I just attended Pedia Talk at the Dusit Thani. Just waiting now for hubby who's in the area and who's going home in a few minutes, so he could take home freebies and products that I bought from the event. With my bag so full and heavy I doubt I'll enjoy bonding with best friends Ning and Malou (which probably would be a no-show, again, ehem) in Megamall.

So while it's still fresh in my memory, let me share with you what I learned. Pedia Talk was sponsored by Mommy Academy. The Talk was entitled Parental Guidance and touched on stress management for the kids, how to make kids eat veggies, and disciplining kids. Short, sweet, and rich is how I describe the experience. I love the topic on stress management by Dr. Celine Evidente (I hope I got that correctly). It suddenly occurred to me that Basti at his age might be more stressed than I am. He has been biting nails lately, and has a life changing situation (i.e. for kids, transferring to a new school is a life changing situation, along with having a new siblings, transferring to a new house, death sickness and illness in the family). Other signs of stress for kids are crying, being withdrawn, toilet disorders, bedwetting, sleep and eating disorders. How to help manage stress? Be there always for your child. Never laugh at his fear. Have open communication and quality time. Build a relationship. Give undivided and unconditional love. Establish routines. There are so much more but can't post all of them here.

On Eating Right, I was guilty of all the Don'ts of Healthy Eating. My boys are picky eaters especially Sam and it was such an effort to actually get them to eat. Some of the Don’ts are: DOn't chase the kids around the house to make them eat (guilty with Sam). Don't be short order cook (What do you want for dinner, Basti?). Don't let your child walk around all day with milk or juice (not guilty there, aahaha). Important thing to remember is in rewarding and punishing your child, do not use food (this is a need not a want). ... It is said that eating habits should be taught early so kids will not develop bad ones that they will take with them to adulthood. Make breakfast an important daily meal. Be a good role model. Offer a variety of food. Start with small portion. Help them know when they had enough. Help them try new foods. And make fun foods.

Ahh, so much information. The next speaker talked about disciplining kids. But I'll discuss that on my next post. Gotta Go! On my way to Joy of Wellness in Megamall. Yes, Saturday is 'my" day.