Jul 24, 2009

Basti on Harry Potter

Basti did not like Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Last Saturday, he together with her tita, nanay , and ate loraine went to Robinson's Ermita to watch Harry Pottter. Ate Loraine is a Harry Potter fanatic and was really excited to watch the Half Blood Prince, especially so that the film was released in time for her birthday. I would guess that Loraine enjoyed it so much. Tita Reina was a little bit dissapointed, she love the book more than the film, and Basti was not raving about it at all. I don't like it, is what he said. Well, maybe he's too young for it. He's only 7 anyway. Can't blame him though, I did not like Harry Potter that much either. Oh, Loraine will surely kill me for this, haha.