Jun 28, 2009

Michael Jackson : The King of Pop

It seems that on Thursday the world stood still. The King of Pop died. I can't believe my ears as people say, as if in daze, that Michael Jackson is dead. I found myself staring at the monitor, my mind blank, after I read online confirmed report of his death. I was deeply saddened by the news. I was born in the 70's and grew up listening to Michael Jackson songs in the 80's. My elementary school years and high school years are filled with memories of school presentations with the boys moonwalking or the whole class dancing Thriller on special occasions. I remember singing "We are the World" during United Nation Day programs.As far as I know, in my generation Michael Jackson is the biggest star.

I Know John Lennon, and Elvis Presley, and all the other stars, but I did not live their songs. There are no special events or fond memories in my life that I can associate with their songs. The only emotional attachment I can come up with on any Beatles Songs is that of "Strawberry Fields Forever" and that is only because my father own disc of it which I discovered when I was a kid.
When I got home, I broke the news to my family members and it seems my husband and I are the only ones affected by the news. I told Basti that Michael Jackson is dead and he said "Who's Michael Jackson?” I tried to explain who he is by singing (or tried to) some of his songs. Basti just shook his songs in each and every song. Nah, don't know him. I forgave him, he's just 7 anyway. His father and I were not even dating yet when Michael Jackson performed in Manila back in '96. I finally gave up and just waited for the evening news. When the news came on, I made sure Basti is watching. For some reason, I want him to know that this is not just an ordinary happening. Basti's only comment is that Michael Jackson looks like Johnny Depp in Charlie's Chocolate Factory. I realized that this is what kids will see when they see Michael Jackson, a white face man, who look like Dr. Wonka. It's sad that the younger generation will never know the great artist that was Michael Jackson. They will never know the Michael Jackson that our generation knows, the one that we idolized before he was 'transformed" to someone else. Whatever he had become, or whatever the public thought he had become, he will always be the King of Pop.