Jun 24, 2009

Dad's the Greatest at Momcenter.com

Last week I joined momcenter's pick of the week contest. It's an online photo contest for members of momcenter.com. I submitted pictures of Sam and Simon, and a picture of Edwin and Sam. I figured that if Edwin wins the Dad's the Greatest category, that would be the best Father's day gift I could give him. And so my entry for Dad's the Greatest was accepted, thanks to momcenter. The picture I submitted was of Sam and Edwin in a swimming pool at Dasma, Cavite which was already posted here.

I picked this picture because it showed how Edwin as a loving father talks to his kids and listens to them. The picture was part of a whole (as you can see on my previous post). I sent emails to friends asking them to vote for Edwin as Dad's the Greatest. My officemates laugh about my pic because it's seems that the model does not want to be seen or recognized. Nonetheless, they voted. (or were force to vote! haha!). Edwin did not win Dad the Greatest Category. But it was all worth it. I had his picture out there, he's one of the greatest dads, and we're proud of him! Win or no win, for Basti Sam Simon and I, he's still the greatest Dad! And he does not mind his picture being posted out there. The only objection he had is that I could have posted a better picture of him, haha. It was fun asking friends and officemates to vote especially with all the jestings that I got. And although Edwin did not win, I won as the voter of the week and I got a gift check from SM! Yippeee!
I hope all I invited will join momcenter and then they can be my "friends". I recently discovered the Photoblog Calendar Page and I'm ecstatic over it. I could post a photo of the kids each and every day. This makes it easier to record their everyday activities and their development. I'm excited and can't wait to get started. There are so much more to discover at momcenter.com. I haven't even started browsing through all the links yet but I'll be sure to check on Do-It-At-Home Activities, Vaccination Guide, and the mommy forums. And I already have online friends!