Mar 14, 2009

Basti's Best Friend

This is our March Calendar. Picture was taken on Sam's christening reception. Shot was taken by part-time photographer brother Kuya Rodel. Basti was having a really good time with all his cousins around. His best friend, and I would say, closest cousin Kuya Renz was in the background. The two boys get along very well....for a certain period of time, at least. Kuya Renz stays, sometimes, at our house for a vacation for a couple of days during summer and Christmas, after school is out.
They were always so happy to see each other. They would play cards all day long, go online to play games, watch DVD movies together, play with their toys, and play badminton outside the house, and the likes and all these activities accompanied with nonstop chatter. All the time, they would talk and talk and talk. I don't think one of them was hearing what the other was hearing. And I can't even hear myself think when they are together. But I love having Kuya Renz around, I can see that they're having fun being with each other. This non-stop chatter and camaraderie would go on for at least a couple of days, until one day, like a lover's quarrel, one would them would stop talking or start crying or start arguing. And then we'll know it's time to say goodbye, ha-ha. Renz would ask to be picked up by his parent because "he misses his Mama". It's amazing, because, when they get together again, they are back to being best buddies. I'm glad Basti has his Kuya Renz.