Feb 13, 2009

Simon's Binyagan - Church Picture

This is Simon's only baptismal picture that was taken in the church. We were not able to take pictures because everyone was trying to listen to what the priest was saying over the din of crying babies and voices of excited mommies, daddies, and godparents. I decided to scrap it since I don't want it to be just any ordinary photo to look at.

This is the best one I have made so far (I'm so cheap haha!. Let's say when it comes to scrapbooking I'm still in the Stone Age. But I'm still trying. Coz I love what I'm doing!) I think this one is simple but I love looking at it. For my just recently discovered passion for scrapbooking, I buy most of my stuff at National Bookstore only (All About Scrapbookin'). Sometimes I go to Megamall at a craft store which I cannot remember the name, it's either Craft World or World of Crafts. Good scrapbooking stuff can be found also at Papelmerotti and Simple Joys. Oh the joys of Simple Joys! So many nice papers to look at, touch , and go crazy over. ... I had a hard time finding alphabet rub ons though. I found the letter rub ons on this picture at a Japanese Home Store in Star Mall. They sell it for P88. I don't know if that is expensive or not. It's definitely worth it. It gave my picture a scrapbook look , don't you think? Well, this is me, the beginner.

(Yeah, I don't look good in the picture. Not my best angle. What the heck. My Baby Simon looks really really cute pa rin. He cried and cried during the ceremony and during the reception. One would think he does not like being in the church. He just smiled and played with the guests when almost everyone had already left the venue. )