Feb 27, 2009

Children's Playground

On Basti's field trip, we also went to the Children's Playground in Luneta. We stayed there for almost 3 hours before we went to Manila Ocean Park. I would say that Manila Ocean Park was amazing but the kids had the most fun in the Children's Playground. The Playground needs a lot of improvement but nevertheless it was heaven for the kids.

Giant stone dinosaurs and other stone animals are scattered all over the playground.

The Tree House with Slides

Basti making his way up.

Basti took a picture of us. Then said, who's that kid with you?
We don't know. He took a picture of the elephant, not us, hehehe.

The big Slide
Yes, it's old, but it is still so much fun!

Basti had so much fun that we decided to go back. We went there again on my birthday, knowing that Sam would be very happy playing around the playground.

More of Sam's adventure in Children's Playground on future posts.