Dec 29, 2009

MOmCenter December Photoblogging Contest!

Only 2 days to go and the Momcenter  photoblogging contest will end for the month of December. I so badly want to win, not only for the prize, but just for the sake of winning, hahaha. I've been making a career out of this for the longest time, and my officemates cannot believe the effort and the dedication I put into this. WTH,  I love photoblogging, it's something I enjoy doing. A picture paints a thousand words, as they say. So easy to do! And I love the challenge of  trying to get the most views!  So if you have the heart, just give me this chance! Help Us WIn the December Photoblogging Contest! Just click on the link!

And as you know already, my digicam is not working right. What perfect timing! So I have no photos of  our Christmas celebrations. I have to wait for friends and family members to upload their pics. So I decided to put in photos from yesteryears. I went to my friendster account and email inbox and I dug up rare photos of the kids and the family. I got misty eyed. Looking at and posting old photos, I realize how big my kids have grown and how I have forgotten certain moments in our lives, happy moments, bonding moments. Well, I think that's what photoblogging does. It helps us remember.

Dec 25, 2009

Christmas At the Office

Tapping my fingers on the desk. Browsing through my email while waiting for calls. Feeling kinda sad that I am not at home, with my kids at the first 10 hours of Christmas day yet consoling myself with  the thought  that I will be spending the remainder of the day with them and that there will be no work tomorrow since it's Christmas in the US.  It was like this last year. I went to work on Christmas eve while my kids stayed with their dad at their grandma's house. I just consoled myself with the thought that they will be sleeping anyway all through the night to  midmorning anyway.

Well, it's better this way than to be away from home on New Year's eve. That would really be terrible. Simon might cry because of the sound of fireworks, and I’m glad I’ll be there to console him and ease his fears away just in case. I silently thank my supervisor for prioritizing us moms with babies for the off on New Year's eve.

This is just one of the sacrifices that we, call center mommies, make. Not being with  our kids on holidays. But you know, it's all good, especially when I think of other OFW who did not get to spend even an hour with their loved ones on Christmas day. We are more blessed than some people.

Life is beautiful!  Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

Dec 22, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Let me greet you now a Merry Merry christmas and a Happy New Year! I may not have the time anymore to blog in the next few days. I'll be back after Christmas. Happy happy holidays, everyone!

Blurred Image of a Bonding Moment

I love this picture, and I'm really frustrated it's blurred. Something's wrong with the camera. I tried multiple times to adjust the settings but it just stayed like that, with all the pictures blurred. I tried editing this picture in picnik but it really is no good. After sitting for almost an hour in front of the computer just trying to edit this wonderful wonderful pic of us, I gave up. So here goes.

The story behind the photo? I bought Basti a red shirt to use for his dance presentation at school. I went home and had him try it on. And then the kids realized that we are all wearing red that Wednesday afternoon. Sam pointed to each one of us, looking very amused and on the verge of laughing, saying RED! And I grabbed the digicam and everyone hurried to get their picture taken with me!! Can you see us laughing? It was fun bonding moment through a blurred image of  malfunctioning digital camera. I wish someone could fix this for me. Anyone there? I'll love you forever if you can!

Dec 15, 2009

24 hours is not enough

I barely have time to sleep today. When I say today, I mean today. I work nights being a call center agent living in Manila. At 10am, I got off from work,  hurried home so I would be at Basti's dance practice together with other moms. And when I got home, I found out that the dance practice was rescheduled  to 6pm instead. So I need to be awake at 6pm.  I got 2 hours of sleep and here I am blogging and attending to my online stuff.  I'll probably sleep for another hour, need to get off this computer now, or else I'll be heading for disaster at work later on tonight. We'll be having 2 hours of pre-shift overtime tonight. That means I have 2 hours less to sleep. Hmmm, will I survive tonight. Good thing my auntie who takes care  of Basti and Sam volunteered to substitute for me at the practice, but I still have to at least show up. I need to wake up at 9:00pm. Need to get out of the house at 9:30, and need to be at the office at 11pm. That means that with the sleep I got earlier, If I'm lucky, I'll get a total of 3 1/2 hours of sleep today... Such is the life of a call center mommy. Yes, 24 hours is really not enough to do all the things we need to do and want to do  in a day. I'm not complaining though, haha. Life still is beautiful!!!

Dec 14, 2009

It's Magic!

Have you ever wondered how magicians do their tricks? I do. And some of my questions were answered when my boys showed me that they can also do magic! They had a coin float over a card! They almost had me there until they told me how they did it. It's not the coin, it's the card. Well, the coin got lost in a scuffle over who will get to use the card next, and so we put a piece of paper instead. And Sam showed off, and showed off, and showed everyone who will listen, including Big Brother Basti's doctor.

Amazing huh!

Dec 13, 2009

New Finds at the Megatrade Hall

I found these cute bags in one of the stalls in the Pinoy OFW Expo last Friday. What's nice about these bags is that they are handmade by the UST (University of Santo Tomas) Commerce Students. Being handmade, each of them is unique. Prices ranges from P180 to P210). If interested, please send them an email.

Another new find for me at the Pinoy OFW is the Tuna Ham from CITRA MINA. I can't find the website. I think it's undergoing maintenance. The tuna ham that is on food taste is really really delicious. Talk about being healthy this holiday season. This box here cost P180.

Another booth I found of interest is that of the KILUS FOUNDATION of PASIG. I was not able to take pictures of their stall or products but here's a sample from their site.

Yes, their products are bags, fashion accessories, home accessories made of doy packs and discarded zesto juice box. The Foundation was born as an offshoot of the Clean and Green Project of Baranggay Ugong in Pasig City some years back. Please check out their kilus product catalog  for more.

And of course, I bought another set of  healthy snacks for the kids. I already tried before squash and  malunggay pancit canton. Frankly I'm getting sick of pancit canton, healthy or not. Good thing I found, this time, from Power Nut (whose image model by the way is Christine Bersola, if it matters),  the malunggay sing-a-ling.   

What's a sing-a- ling? It's a native rice or flour cracker we usually munch on during bus trips. It usually is yellow in color but this one here from Power Nut is green because of the malunggay flavor. 

Everyone at home, including Baby Simon thinks it's delicious. Kuya Basti is forbidden to eat because he has tonsilittis and it's a little bit salty. Very delicious and healthy. Love it. They even have Malunggay Juice.

I enjoyed Megatrade Hall last Friday. At the Royal Mega Sale,  this man made a little boy run away and cry in fear. 

Dec 10, 2009

Good Food, Good Life, Good Health at the Nestle Christmas Party!

Last December 5, I went to the Nestle Club Christmas Party at the famous Julius Maggi Kitchen. I was really excited when I got the invite. I have been a member for a very long time, and I have never been part of any Nestle Club activities. It seems that Nestle Club is holding this every year but they can only accomodate a certain number of people since there are more than 575,000 member households already. 

Activities included a lecture on how to stay healthy  (maintaining ideal sugar level & cholesterol level) during the holidays, a primer on the Nutren  (Milk for Diabetics),  a demonstration on giftwrapping basics, and finally a cooking demo by Chef Thess Sulito.

The cooking demo is what I enjoyed the most. Chef Tess prepared Teramisu, Shanghai Lava sticks with Salsa Dip, and Sweet Potato Cream Soup with Bacon Bits. Good food that are very delicious and very easy to prepare. All recipes Available at the Nestle CLub Recipes Page. I was really sleepy because I just came from work, but I really enjoyed the event because  Chef Tess was so entertaining, witty, and funny. 

After the cooking demo,  we made our very own teramisu. I brought mine home, and hubby loved it!  We also had a very sumptuous lunch, and in the spirit of gift giving we went home with a bag of goodies from Nestle.  

The very next day, I tried cooking the  Shanghai Lava sticks with Salsa Dip at home. It supposed to look like this : (photo courtesy of Nestle Club)

But for some reason, mine look like this : 

Arrggggghhhh!!! My Shanghai Lava looks like Lumpia.  I'm sure Chef Tess will laugh out loud when she sees this. Well, you can't say I did not try, right chef?

Good Health, Good Food, Good Times. That's What the Nestle Club is all about. Thanks for a wonderful time and good company!

Dec 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to The Greatest Dad of All!

To the greatest Dad in the world, Happy Happy Birthday!! Thank you for taking care of us. Thank you for your patience, for your love, for your energy,  for spending time with the boys, for staying up late at night watching over them while I go to work, for making sure they are asleep before you rest for the night, for waking up in the middle of the night to prepare milk for Simon and Sam,  for spending time cooking their midnight snacks, for watching DVD with them, for taking care of them better than I can, for making sure they are fed and cleaned, and they have towels on their back.

Thank you for everything you do. Because of you our lives are happier, we feel loved and secure. Because of you,  I have peace of mind at work, knowing that the kids are protected and taken cared of the whole night while I work. Thank you for letting me sleep when I need to. Thank you for adjusting to the life of a call center agent, even if you have work of your own to adjust to.

Thank you for being gentle with them, for your kindness, for understanding, for making me see the brighter side of things, for not losing your temper with them, errr  with us, hehehe, for being patient with three little rowdy boys, and a call center mommy.

Thank you for being you!!! We love you!!!

Dec 6, 2009

Sam and Simon's Bonding Time

Yesterday, I took pictures of Sam and Simon  playing. Simon tags along while Sam rides an improvised car, a plastic basket where they put their toys. 

Ever since Simon was born, Sam had always  keep his distance from him. Sam helps me out in taking care of Baby Simon. He's always been Mama's little helper. He would hand me diapers, baby powder or bottles when I need them without being told. He picks up Simon's pacifier when he drops them. He voluntarily looks for lost things and toys under chairs and tables for Simon, and would call me when Simon goes places he's not supposed to go. He's a big brother alright in his own little way. The small things he does for his little brother touches my heart. Like, how he automatically runs to turn off the fan every time Simon comes in from a bath. But he keeps his distance. We think that he's careful not to touch him, or he might break. In rare times, when Simon's asleep, he would pat him on the legs and say "bebi'. Or he would purposely walk away or moved in the other side of the bed when we put Simon near him. We know that it's not that he does not like Simon, it's that he might be thinking that Simon's so fragile, and therefore, scary. 

But lately, when Simon started walking and running around the house, we noticed that Sam has grown closer to Simon. He now lies down beside him. He plays around him, and runs around him. They sat side by side now playing with their own respective toys. Sometimes, they fight over their toys. Simon would not let go, and Sam,  sometimes gives way. But then, that's just sometimes. He's just a little kid after all. 

I am happy to see that Simon and Sam are now playing together. Simon is catching up with his big brother real fast. Like the way  Sam caught up with Basti in terms of play. Hope my three boys grow up close to each other, and be each other's friend when they grow up.  They are usually are a happy bunch, with the house always full of shrieks and laughter, more like a war zone, with all the sound effects, hahaha.

Dec 2, 2009

Only the Best from the Cordilleras

I Went to the IMPAKABSAT Trade Fair today. The Fair showcases furniture and furnishings, woodcraft, gifts and holiday decor, loomwoven products, silver craft, fresh and processed foods, and Organic and natural products from the Cordillera Region and other nearby provinces. I finally found a knitted legwarmer for myself. I get legcramps when it's cold and pajamas are not enough. There are so many gift items mostly handmade. Exhibits runs till December 6, 10am-9pm. Support Pinoy products!

Dec 1, 2009

Small Tree for the Three Boys

At last, over the weekend, Hubby and I managed to set up the Christmas tree. It was not very a difficult task since our Christmas tree is just small and simple one. We put old trimmings and put some stuff toys under the tree for the meantime since we have not done our Christmas shopping yet. It's already the first of December and yet I haven't seen Christmas decors and lights yet around the neighborhood. Same time last year, most of the houses along the stretch of D Fajardo where we live are already sparkling with Christmas lights and decorations. Now, there's almost none. Must be the effect still of Typhoon Ondoy. People are keeping everything at a minimum.

Anyway, Simon loves the Christmas tree. He danced and bounced around it when the lights were turned on. When Basti and Sam came in from their long "vacation", they hovered around it and waited for their father to turn the lights on as well. The smile in their eyes makes setting up the Christmas tree worthwhile.

I edited the pix of this Christmas tree with Picnik. Sam chose the lights at the border. It made the picture darker, but that's what Sam wants, so what the heck. Hubby and I plan to put on more trimmings once we have the time, if ever we'll have the time, hopefully. Anyway, what will matter to the kids will be what'll be under the tree.

Nov 26, 2009

Sales and Bazaars I plan to Go to this December

Paskong Pinoy
Manila Ocean Park, Quirino Grandstand
Dec 1 – December 31

American Women’s Club of the Philippines Bazaar
World Trade Center, CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City
December 1, 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

DTI - CAR Trade Fair "Impakabsat 2009"
Megatrade Hall
December 2, 2009 - December 6, 2009

Converse Mega Sale @ MegaMall
Thursday, December 3 to Sunday, December 6, 2009

Paskuhan sa Megamall
Megatrade Hall
December 3, 2009 - December 5, 2009

The 9th World Bazaar Festival
World Trade Center, Roxas Blvd., Pasay City
December 4 – 16

Gift Lab: The Great Holiday Bazaar
Rockwell Tent, Powerplant Mall, Makati City
December 5 – 6

Noel Bazaar: The Special Edition
A. Venue Hall, Antel Lifestyle City, Makati Avenue, Makati City
December 5 – 6

Mega Balikbayan Expo 2009
Hall 2 Megatrade Hall
December 11, 2009 - December 13, 2009

Christmas Bazaar
Glorietta Park Tent, Ayala Center, Makati City
December 11 – 30

Super Brand Super Sale
Megatrade Hall
December 11, 2009 - December 13, 2009

Manila Toys and Gifts Show
Megatrade Hall
December 16, 2009 - December 22, 2009

Christmas Treats @ The Mega
December 18, 2009 - December 20, 2009

Noel Bazaar & Christmas Shop Expo
World Trade Center, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City
December 18 – 20

Pamilyang OFW
Megatrade Hall
December 26, 2009 - December 27, 2009

4th Housing Fair
Megatrade Hall
December 27, 2009 - December 29, 2009

My Saturday Affair - November 27 and Me Rambling On

I missed last weekend’s bazaars, exhibits, and fair. I got sick and was advised to take 3 days of bed rest. And so I was not able to go to work or go anywhere. Got 5 days of rest but was not able to enjoy it. Such a waste of time, money, and energy. And that's because I did not take care of my health. I took my body for granted and did not take note of early symptoms until it was too late. I have no one to blame but myself. What's worst, I put my kids and other members of the family's health at risk. Well, I'm glad that's over. Nuff said. We'll be having a 4-day weekend due to Thanksgiving this week. Yey!!!! So much to do, and only 4 days to do them. What will I be doing in the next 4 days aside from taking care of the kids myself? Hmm, set up the Christmas Tree (should have been done 2 weeks ago), Take Basti to the dentist, catch up on my scrapbooking, do some photo blogging, Go trade fairs, sales and exhibits (See list below). One task at a time, or else I'll be overwhelmed. And of course, how can I forget; watch Ghost Whisperer on DVD, surf surf surf, blog blog blog. As if I have the time to do all this hahaha. As I always say, 24 hours is not enough for what we mommies need to do in our lives.

Before I forget, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!

Here's my Saturday Affairs for November 27 :

25-30 December 2009
World Trade Center Halls ABC

5-6 December 2009
A Venue along Makati Avenue
18-20 December 2009
World Trade Center Hall C

18th Buy Pinoy Exporters Fair
holiday d├ęcor and gifts, food and organic products, garments and fashion accessories, housewares and furniture and furnishings.
November 27-30, 2009 Megatrade Hall 2

Nov 20, 2009

What Kind Of Christmas Gift Giver Are You?

I took a quiz at the Smart Parenting website on What Kind Of Christmas Gift Giver Are You? My result? I like giving gifts based on what I like, which is probably true. Sometimes I get carried away when I'm at the mall or the Divisoria or Baclaran, I tend to buy stuffs I like, thinking they "the recipients" might like them too. Admittedly and guiltily, I don't have time anymore to jot down wishlists and to research on what my love ones would like for Christmas, and if I do have the time, I would still need to ask myself, would I have the funds to buy them? But I'm not that bad, I guess. I do make the effort to know when it comes to the wishes of my kids, my nephews, nieces and godsons and goddaugthers. But for the adults, I buy gifts that I think they might like and still within the budget, my budget, of course, hehehe.

Nov 16, 2009

35thPedia Talk Live BY Mommy Academy this December

35thPedia Talk Live
“Parenting for the Holidays: your practical guide to nurturing kids this season.”

Topics to watch out for:
· Common tummy troubles for both kids and adults (Ate too much? Experiencing cramps? Going to the bathroom often? Find out why.)
· Overstimulation in kids (Is this real? Why and how does it happen? How can parents help their child cope?)
· Simplifying Christmas (Worried that your child is fixated on the gifts rather than the reason for the season? Learn how to explain it to them in ways they understand.)

December 12, 2009, Saturday
Cinema 6, Glorietta 4, Makati City,
8am to 12 noon.
Admission is free but pre-registration is a must.
To register, visit
or call 820-5070, or 825-7454.
Sign up now!

Nov 13, 2009

MY Saturday Affair - Novermber 13

My Saturday Affair this November 13 is different from the mommy events I usually go to. There are limited mommy events this time of the year. But there is one event this weekend that is worth going to.

The Consumer Electronics Live! Manila 2009!

from November 13-15, 2009. Yep, it starts today. I'm not sure if I can go tomorrow since I might spend the day setting up our Christmas tree with the kids and hubby. But some of my officemates are planning to go there in groups to check out the latest and the coolest gadgets, at a very low price at that! So I might go there with them. If I'll go I'll probably go for the 11:00 – 12:00 noon Avent Cooking and Feeding Tips for Infants by Philips and for the 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm session on Elements of Successful Blogging tomorrow, November 14, 2009. I wish I could go to the 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Mini-iBlog Summit on Sunday as well but Sunday is set only for my family and so it's a no go for me. But who knows, I can take the whole family, can't I? For the CEL Manila 2009 Program Schedule please click HERE.

There are a lot of sales and bazaars happening this November!

I recommend checking out KIKAYEXCHANGE and MomCenter for a comprehensive list.

Of Crushes and Little Boys

I picked Basti up yesterday from school. I brought Simon with me. Simon was excited to see many kids all in one place. And was happy to see his big brother when he came out of the gate.

As Basti was running towards us, some cute little girls were also running with him, shrieking and laughing when they reached us. One of them shouting, "Si Lyka po, crush po si Basti" (Lyka has a crush on Basti!) and off they went, giggling to their hearts content. And Basti went berserk saying to me, "Mama hindi totoo yun! "(Mama, it's not true!) . He felt so embarassed being the object of someone else's attention. I smiled and and thought to myself. " How time flies! Someone has a crush on him already. He's 8 years old and only in the second grade!"

I know girls mature earlier than boys. Basti squirms at the thought that someone has a crush on him, while the girls are very comfortable blurting out their feelings. The whole afternoon, I had to explain to Basti that a crush is just admiration, and that it is only natural for someone to admire another person. A question led to an answer, and answer led to another question, and I had a hard time explaining the differences of having a crush, of having a girlfriend/boyfriend, and getting married. And then I had to stop, and told him to ask his father when he gets home for a man's point of view. When his father came home, he was instructed on the proper way a gentleman should react to such show of admirations.

I could not help but feel amused and sad. Time flies so fast. In just a few years my little boy will be on his own, in highschool and college, and then will eventually get married. Oh, I don't want to think about that. For now, I'll just enjoy the kid in him .... for as long as it takes.

Nov 9, 2009

Bazaars, Expos and Sale For Mommies This November

It's the Christmas Season once again! Start your christmas shopping early! Here's some of the must-go sale and Bazaars this November!!! More to come!!


Oct 21, 2009

Famealy Meal

A month ago, we received a flyer from Basti's school regarding Lucky Me's Famealy Day. With the flyer was a letter for us, parents, urging us to make every meal a family meal.

As a call center agent, and with my husband working and coming home late from work, I am guilty of the fact that our kids do not have much time to bond with both of us over dinner. I'm usually asleep during dinner time since I'm on the night shift and Basti's dinner is always prepared everyday by his Mama Tess who takes care of him and Sam during the day, and he usually eats dinner with his Nandy. I hope that midnight snacks are counted as family meals because that's when my boys and their father bond. ALmost every night before going to sleep, they would cook noodles, french fries, pancakes, or just nibble on foods they can find at the fridge. On hotter nights, they would make shakes using their Tita's blender. A few spoonful of Milo, bits of ice, and sugar, and voila!, they have an instant chocolate milkshake sprinkled with ...more Milo.

Though the kids do not eat alone, they usually don't eat with us. This thought, and so many others that nag my mind, have given me so many things to think about when it comes to sharing more quality time with my kids. Eventually, transferring to a day shift would be inevitable, with their Papa getting more and more overtime. I would have to make a decision eventually.

Also, in the flyer, was a stationary for kids to write letters for their parents. I showed the stationary to Basti and told him that he can write me and his Papa a letter but he declined saying matter of factly , "Wag na Mama, ikaw naman", shrugging his shoulders. He really feels so grown-up nowadays. Still hoping for a letter, I posted the stationary on the refrigerator door, saying matter of factly, " Ok, Kahit ano pede mong isulat". I was hoping that he will write down his wishes for his birthday. He might write down his wish to go to Enchanted Kingdom. That would be another great family bonding place with the boys.

Well, the letter did not came back to me. It was drenched to oblivion in the Ondoy flood.

Oct 15, 2009

My Saturday Affair -- October 17, 2009

I've been so busy the past few days that I have not been able to post anything on my blog. I attended the Moms Today and Health Today Ugoy Sa Duyan last Saturday and had a very learning experience, and good time, with Mommy friend Kriz. I'll go into details later when I find the time. There was a very good talk re linguistic programming that I'd like to share with everyone. As always, as with all Moms Todays event, we went home rich with knowledge .. and goodies.
For October 17, 2009... here's my Saturday Affairs. I may not be able to attend because my in-laws are hosting a birthday party for lil' Sam in their house with the neighborhood kids so I gotta be there. But this is all worth sharing.
DTI-CLEEP Free Livelihood Seminars

Admission is Free!!!!

MOM and Baby Care Series
October 17, Rustan's Alabang Town Center
A must for pregnant moms and young moms!

(This event is so recommended for pregnant moms and young moms with newborns. I attended last Saturday at Rustan's Makati and totally enjoyed the experience. There were only two resource persons but they were so detailed and so witty I can't help but enjoy. The topics will include the different stages of pregnancy as well as detailed explanations of laboratory procedures and complications, as well as taking care of the baby when she/he arrives . There were a lot of prizes in store and yummy yummy food. I won the early bird prize and Goody gift pack, plus was able to take home some giveaways. Goody Goody! Thanks Philips Avent.
This poster her is supposed to be for October 3 but they postponed the event for October 17. pLease click on the posters for details of location. )

Of course, let's not forget one of my favorite mommy events, with a lot of soul and information,
Mommy Academy’s 34th Pedia Talk Live
Doctor’s Orders - The Perfect Prescription for Your Family”,
October 17, 2009, Saturday, 8am to 12 noon at the
Grand Ballroom of Dusit Thani Manila.
For hassle-free registration, simply log on to or call 820-5070 and 825-7454 (Monday to Fridays). You may also text your complete name and contact details to 0928-5067308.
Admission is free, but pre-registration is a must.

Oct 8, 2009

My Saturday Affairs - October 10, 2009

Saturday has always been my "Me' Day. Except on occasions when I had to stay home for the kids, or for family gathering, and planned bonding, my husband has given me the freedom, (or should I say it has just become like a tradition since we moved into our own apartment), to do anything I want on Saturdays (all legal stuff only of course!). This is provided that he's at home, so one of us can stay with the kids. If he's on overtime on a Saturday, I forego all activities, because, naturally, the kids are top priority. So, while my boys are enjoying the company of my in-laws, I busy myself with scrapping, photo blogging, blogging, going to mommy events, trade fairs, exhibit and seminars, and bonding with friends and officemates on Saturday afternoons. I've been having such a good time every Saturday on my gimmicks that I began to call it my Saturday Affair.

This October, my Saturdays are full because there are so many events to go to and also Basti and Sam will be celebrating their birthdays this month. So I'm expecting that this will be a fun and exciting month.

My Saturday Affairs for October 10, 2009.

SA UGOY NG DUYAN A Mommy Power Special!
Fresh insights on Family Health and Parenting

Venue: Dusit Thani Hotel, Ballroom B
Time: 8:00am to 12:30pm
Tel: (632) 886-0333 local 112
Cost: P150

Mom and Baby Care

2-5PM at the Infant's Section
RUSTAN'S Department Store, Makati.
Admission is free but pre-registration is a must.
To register, kindly email your name and number to
Or call 7139435 to 38 loc. 143/130
and look for Jenny or Rina for more details.

Oct 2, 2009

Healthy Foods For Kids from Likha ng Central Luzon

I will say it over and over again. I love going to trade fairs and exhibits.

Having an extreme anxiety attack brought about by Typhoon Ondoy and the fear of the unknown brought about by Typhoon Pepeng, I decided I needed some time out to relieve myself of stress and anxiety. So off I went to Megamall and to my favorite place there, Megatrade Hall.

Likha ng Central Luzon Trade Fair is on at Megatrade Hall 2 from September 30, 2009 to October 4, 2009.

There are a lot of things to see, but I looked for products, i.e. food, that are delicious and nutritious, prepared in such a way that kids will love. My kids are picky eaters, and they seem to have aversion to food that are considered nutritious but not delicious to their "discriminating" taste. I was not dissapointed . I found what I was looking for.

Basti obliged to pose as the model for my new finds at the Likha ng Central Luzon Trade Fair at the MegaTrade Hall.

Guava Jelly!!! Uhhmm Yummy!
by Kababaihang Masigla ng Nueva Ecija

Pancit Canton.. Sam loves Pancit Canton but would not eat Veggies
The Solution: Pancit Canton made from Veggies (this one is made of malunggay)
Philnery's Pancit Canton

Pandesal ... Made of Squash
Basti gobbled them up in one sitting!!
Does not taste any different from the regular pandesal but more nutritious!

For schedules of trade fairs and exhibits at the Megatrade Hall, pls go to

Go Negosyo Advisory : Operation Walang Iwanan

Sep 30, 2009

The More Important Things In Life, Realizations Brough About By Typhoon Ondoy

It was an unforgettable weekend. A weekend that will be remembered for a long time. As my sister-in-law said, this calamity that struck us last Saturday comes only once in a decade. Hopefully. She remembers the last time their house was flooded that high, almost knee length, was in 2001. Ours was waist deep. I have never experienced something like this in all my life. I have been blessed and been spared from the worst, thank God, and only see this kind of things on TV. I am still reeling from the shock that was Saturday.

After losing so many things, I came to realize that the things I lost are things that I can live without and that I have so many junk in our house. Of course, I'm just saying this because we were able to save the more important ones like the kids’ clothes and toys, some appliances, important documents, and photos. The other ones that I've been keeping for years and not using, I came to realize I can live without. I am born a hoarder and never seem to be able to throw away anything thinking that I can use them later on. But at that time as I'm seeing my "hoards" floating in murky water, I did not feel upset. For me, it does not matter anymore. It is with resignation and acceptance that I've given them up and let them go. Perhaps it's for the best. Or perhaps there was no choice. But What matters is that my family was safe, and my boys were sound asleep upstairs oblivious to the danger that could have befallen them if the rain did not stop.

Now a few days after I decided that I don't need all that junk. If there's one thing that I have learned, in cases of emergency, life would be easier or it would be easier to save lives, if you only have a few instead of many things to save, because you might end up taking the less important ones. My husband teased me that with so many unimportant things in the house I could not decide which one to save first. And so the more important appliances , like the washing machine and refrigerator, floated around like a deserted ship in the midst of the ocean. So I’m keeping to the bare minimum, just the necessities.

For the next few days, I'll be going over all of my things, segregating the essentials from the non-essentials. The room upstairs which we keep as a stock room definitely has to be emptied now of all that things that has been sittin there for years. Clothes, bags, toys that have not been used for years definitely must go. For some reason, I had the deepest urge to clean out the house. That and to move to a new one. I am seriously considering taking out a housing loan through PAG IBIG soon. And I will definitely get a house with a second floor.

My boys huddled together in our small room upstairs

I am thankful and grateful to God that all my loved ones are okay. I say a prayer to those people who did not make it through this ordeal. I see many individuals reaching out to calamity victims and I feel proud that I am a Filipino. I am happy that my kids are safe and I congratulate myself that I was able to go through this without being hysterical. I've always hated the rain and this is one of the reasons why. Now every time I see the clouds heavy with rain, I hurry home. So that I will be there for my kids. The event that was Saturday will keep me paranoid for many days to come. And will keep me busy blogging the details of that day.

Free Seminars DTI-CLEEP this October

Sep 25, 2009

Our September Calendar

This is what's supposed to be our September Calendar. I like the way I designed this calendar. I cannot find a good calendar printout that will go into the lower right portion where the days of the month should be so I just decided to keep it bare, and just edit it with Picnik.

This is a very memorable photo for us because this is Basti's first studio picture. He's 3 months old at the time photo was taken. We used this photo for his baptismal invitation on February of 2002. I was afraid he'd fall from that small chair so that's my hand holding his legs while he laughed at his Papa. I remember how excited we were back then, as first time parents. We're still excited, of course, over our boys, especially over Baby Simon, but nothing beats the excitement and thrill first time parents feel.

In this picture, Basti looks very much like his brother Simon. I would say that Simon is a cross between Basti and Sam. I call my boys the Look-a-likes.

My Friends Online At Last!

I'm glad my friends just recently discovered the joys of blogging, and seem serious about it too. Now I'm not alone in my online world, hehe. Now I have people around me to talk with, and share my frustrations when my layout does not look the way I want it to. Now, I have someone who will understand my excitement when I find a really good site or widgets. I'm not alone at last!!! Yippeee!!!

So, to my offline and online friends, Kriz, Philline, and Henny, welcome to the blogging world!!!!

Sep 19, 2009

EXPO KID on October 3

Another fun Saturday on October 3, but this time it's for the kids!
(from my Inbox : Details of Expo Kid on October 3rd. Thanks Ms. Janice!)

Come to EXPO KID and experience active fun, learning, imagination-building, and just simply having a grand time with your kids!

Featuring interactive activity areas and all-day talks and activities showcasing some of the most progressive and creative kids activity providers today: My Masterpiece Multi-Arts School KidsAhoy, Multiple Intelligence School,
An Expo Kid Bazaar of 30+ vendors and exhibitors of unique finds for kids and everyone in the family. Expo hours: 10am to 8pm.Entrance Fee: P 25/head.*All proceeds from registration will benefit Mio Mendiola, a 5-year old boy fighting leukemia. (
For more details, go to See you there!

Sep 18, 2009

Simon On A Walker!

I promised myself that I would not buy Simon a walker. Even when everyone were saying that I should get him one, I remained steadfast. I read somewher that using a walker does not help toddler in the process of walking. It just hinders the child's ability to walk at an early age. Basti and Sam used walkers when they were babies and i could not say that whether it did good for them or not since they were able to walk early on.

Also, using a baby walker is considered to be very dangerous. Canada had already banned the use of walker. I had a first hand experience with the dangers brought by the use of walker. There was one time when Sam was just around 8 months old, he literally walked out of the door while on his walker and got bruised all over. We had to have him CT-scanned for possible head injury. It all happened so fast and for that same reason, I don't want simon to have the freedom that his 2 brothers had. I know i'm being paranoid but with the experience that I had with Sam, I can never be too careful. There were more than 5 people in the house when sam walked out of the door a few years ago and no one was able to stop him because nobody realized that the front door was unlocked and because it all happen in a blur. Nobody expected that to happen. Up to now, at the back of my mind, I was thinking that it might be the cause why Sam had delayed speech development. But that's just me thinking.

But then, one day I got home, and found Simon on a cute yellow walker. Our neighbor, with good intentions, gave him her daughter's old walker, to my mother's delight. I can't refuse, can I? And so even though my heart skips a beat every time Simon walks around I cross my fingers and pray that he won't fall or stumble. Although I don't want him on a walker, my mother finds it easier to take care of her favorite apo, when he's just gliding around, because Simon's so heavy now. Also, from the look of Simon's face, he's totally enjoying his new walker! The look of delight on his face is (almost) enough to melt my fears away!

Sep 17, 2009

Doctor’s Orders - The Perfect Prescription for Your Family”, Mommy Academy ’s 34th Pedia Talk Live! will be held on October 17, 2009

This month, it’s all about doctor’s orders at Mommy Academy ’s 34th Pedia Talk Live! Join in on a very interesting discussion about kids’ nutrition -- why breakfast is important, what alternative healthy snacks to give them, and what to do with high cholesterol levels, and stress management for moms. Also, find out who is the perfect Healer of all, the source of life, health, and all that is good.

“Doctor’s Orders - The Perfect Prescription for Your Family”, Mommy Academy ’s 34th Pedia Talk Live! will be held on October 17, 2009, Saturday, 8am to 12 noon at the Grand Ballroom of Dusit Thani Manila .

For hassle-free registration, simply log on to or call 820-5070 and 825-7454 (Monday to Fridays). Kindly note a minimal fee will be charged during the event to cover for event materials (handouts and materials).

Love of Books and The Manila International Book Fair

I have taken to reading again lately. It is a habit and a pleasure that I neglected over the years. I seem to have lost the love of reading, became suddenly deaf to the call of the printed word, when I got married and gave birth to my Basti. Life had been so busy as a young mom that I did not have time anymore to read, and the wonder that is Basti, and then Sam, and Simon kept me entertained for days, nights, and weeks, months and years. Eventually the love for reading has been replaced by other passions connected to my love for my boys (like scrapbooking, online blogging, mommy events, and DVD marathons with Basti and Sam). I still read though but not books anymore. I read magazine (i.e. parenting magazines), comics (because Basti buys them), and children's books for Sam mostly.

But about a month ago, my young and beautiful officemate brought a copy of Twilight to work. I flipped through the pages in between calls and I found myself hooked. I read the book the rest of the shift, and was allowed by the owner to bring it home, as long as I'll bring it back the very next day. It was a gift from a friend and she could bear to be without it. I had already seen the movie but it was much better in print. The whole experience of reading again gave me a rush and made me feel good. It's like waking up from a good dream, and feeling very good about yourself the whole day.

And so, the fire brought by reading ignited once again, I asked my sister to lend me some books. She brought home Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and the Sorcerer's Stone. Yes, books turned to movies. Dizzy with excitement, with the sight of 3 books unread on the top of my staircase, I could not decide which one to read first, but then, since I haven't seen the Half Blood Prince movie yet, I decided to read it first.

I read during breaks, in between calls, on my way home, on the jeep. Not on the bus though because reading in buses makes me sick. When I got home, I still read some more before going to sleep.

Basti saw the books and was excited to read the Half Blood Prince. One day, he excitedly told me that he read the book already. What he meant is he went through it and read the titles of each chapter. Basti is only seven and I could imagine how hard it is for him to read the book in it's very fine print and complex words. When I'm awake he would ask me to read the inscriptions on the book, and more than thrice, I found him huddled over Harry Potter trying to read and decipher it all. I made a promise to myself I will buy him some more adventure books suited to his age.

The love of reading is something that I want to pass on to my boys. I was an avid reader as a kid. I started reading when I was in Grade three when we moved to a Canadian-owned mining site in the province, where there was a community library for all the miners' family and kids. I started with Dr. Seuss in Grade 3 and moved on to reading Nance Drew and Anne of Avonlea when I was in Grade 4. My mother and I fought a lot in those days because I refused to go to bed until I'm done with the book I'm reading. My mother would intentionally turn off the lights of our girls' bedroom so I would stop reading and sleep. I would then leave the door ajar so the lights from the sala would stream down to our bedroom and I'd position myself so I can see what I'm reading. This went on for many months until my mother discovered my strategy and closed the bedroom door diligently each and every night. I, then, would wait for them to sleep before I start reading again.

Although I do not want my boys to be like me. I would like to love books and hold them sacred as much as I do. I felt that the love for reading, indirectly, has given me some of the advantages that I enjoyed in life as I was growing up.

And so when I heard about the Manila International Book Fair, I was excited. On my way home from work yesterday, I passed the SMX Convention Center to take a peek of the Manila International Book Fair. I meant just to stay for just a few minutes and just see how an international book fair look likes. Never been in one. I meant to stay for only a few minutes and stayed for a few hours.

My head swum and my heart pumped faster than usual when I got in. There were books and books and books all around, and kids and people who all seem to be excited to be hopping from one booth to another looking for the best find.

I didn't bring any money with me, which is just as well or else I would not be able to contain myself and splurge on books, which would eventually leave me miserable since we are trying to stick to our budget, but I was still able to buy two sticker books for Basti and Sam, and a religious comic book for Basti for only P52. At the Lampara and Easy to Learn Booth, storybooks, sticker books, and coloring books are only P20. Exhibitors include Adarna, Lampara, Precious Pages, Rex, Vidal Publishing House, National Bookstore, among others, and there were so many more! For details, check out the website of the MIBF 2009. It was a wonderful experience to be surrounded by books of all sizes, shapes, topics, and genre and to be surrounded by people who share common interest.

When I got home, I waited till Basti got home before we started on the sticker books. Basti whooped out a shout of joy when he saw his comics of David and Goliath. A few years back, he got as a gift from the local library comic books of the story of Jesus Christ and Elias, and has been badgering me since then to get him more comic books of other Bible characters. I was not able to find him any until yesterday.

Basti and Sam had a good time, reading and putting in the sticker to their correct places. They huddled together and Basti tested his multiplication skills on one of the sticker books. I am so glad I went to the fair. I'm planning to go back again with the kids on Sunday.

Sep 15, 2009

Decorative Box Making at PTTC

This is my first decorative box. I made it myself. Went to PTTC last Saturday and attended the DTI CLEEP seminar on decorative box making. What do you think? We were given our own tools and materials to work on. It was fun! And it's not that hard to do at all!

Sep 11, 2009

Sa Ugoy ng Duyan : A Mommy Power Special

To All Mommies, here's another Saturday of Fun!
Sa Ugoy ng Duyan : A Mommy Power Special click on poster for more details

Sep 5, 2009

Our August Calendar

This is our August 2009 Calendar. Yep, better late than never!... This was taken when Simon was just a few days old August of 2008. Sam was a little bit scared of tiny Simon back then. Now, a year after, with loud shrieks and laughter, they chase each other around the house, with Simon on his walker, leaving me breathless with fear! Arggghhhh!

Sep 4, 2009

Visit Our Photoblog!

Another new and exciting photoblogging contest at Help us win again!
Thanks for your support!

Sep 3, 2009

simon and the mirror

One day, Simon grabbed the mirror from me and started looking and staring at himself. He liked what he saw because he can't stop smiling!

Aug 27, 2009

Joyful Parenting Breastfeeding Fair

Hayyzzz, so much to blog about yet so little time... This blog is slowly becoming a Mommy Events blog haha.. Well, can't help it...So busy with the kids at home...Blogging need to take a back seat for now... But still... Need to share... Here's another mommy event on Saturday!

Aug 19, 2009

Love The Healthy Life event on August 22

Moms Today and Health Today will be holding again another family event on August 22 at the Megatrade Hall. This is one event that should not be missed especially by moms and dads. The last time I attended in May I really really had a great time (participating in many booth activities), gained a lot of knowlege too (with the parenting talks in the afternoon), and brought home a lot of freebies too! I'll surely be there on Saturday, even if I have to go alone. (Hubby I think will be attending the free PTTC seminar on Saturday!). I have "recruited" (haha) my friends to go too but some of them will not be able to attend the series of talk in afternoon. Still, this would be a great bonding opportunity with my mommy friends.

Just click on the poster for a better view!

It's best to bring friends along to share the experience. It's sad to be enjoying something good and not be able to share it with anyone you know. I'd be there early since I'll be coming from work and will stay for the parenting talks.

For details of the Love The Healthy Life, please dial the number on the poster.

So everyone, see you there!

Aug 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Simon Rex!

Simon turned 1 last week! How time flies!

We had a small but very intimate get-together at the house where only family members on both sides were invited. It was a very quiet (with the shrieks of the kids in the background, how can it be quiet? hehe) but a very happy affair. It' good to see the kids running around the house with their cousins and together with their lolas and lolos. The birthday boy was asleep when the guests came in. He woke up with the sound of his uncle's, cousins', and aunties' voices as they huddled over him. I was thankful that we did not have a big party as we had with Sam and Basti because I was able to enjoy the day without any stress or hassle. I would say we spent good quality time with the whole family.

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook: Birthday Boy IICreate your own scrapbook - Powered by Smilebox



Aug 17, 2009

MomCenter Photo Blog Winners

I opened my inbox last week and I found wonderful news from We won the Photoblog Contest for the month of July! What a great birthday gift for Simon!

edited version of the email using picnik

Momcenter has a photoblogging service where mommies can upload pictures of their babies daily to share with loved ones online. Mommies can also put in events such as birthdays and baby's many "firsts" captured on camera. This service of momcenter is the one that I love the most because I get to keep a record of my 3 boys daily activities.

Thanks, momcenter!