Nov 13, 2008

Lessons In Preschool

This is a blog that I posted a year ago on my other blog, which I have deleted so I can concentrate on my blogspot account. Anyway, let me repost this here just so I can look back on what's on my mind as a mom a year ago.

"My six year old son Basti is now in Prep. He's learning a lot of things now, things that were not even taught to us when we were his age. I learned to write & read when I was in grade 1 at 7 years old. He learned to write when he was in nursery school and learned to read in kinder school. (Sam, by the way knows by heart, can identify and read out loud all the letters of the alphabet and numbers from 1-10, at the age of 2 1/2). Now, they are done with fractions, subtractions (1 digit), addition (2 digits), brushed up on telling time, all the three-letter words & now they are tackling the sh, ch, & some other combinations I can't remember. I can't help to think that we had it easy back then, there's too much pressure on the children of today. Children are forced to learn these things at an early age. Or else, they will be left behind. Don't get me wrong. I like the fact that my son knows how to read already and that he can understand what's on the news even if it's reported in English. Of course, every now and then he asks me what some words mean. Or that he can read the Komiks by himself. (Now, he asks me to read for him the subtitles of movies we are watching at home. I ask him, "Why? Can't you read it?" And he'll say " Mama, they are speaking too fast! It's gone (the subtitles) even before I'm done reading!"-- lol). It’s just disturbing that with so many things they are trying to learn these days, they don't have time to play anymore and be a child the way that we were children before. And that they know so many things they are not supposed to learn...yet.

This week, they have an assignment on the life cycle of a frog. My goodness!!! That was taught in Grade 3 or Grade 4 when I was a child. Even before that when I was 7 or 8, in Grade 1 or 2, I remember going to the rice fields every afternoon, checking out the eggs, and then the tadpoles. It's just a waste that my child can only see these things, these wonders of nature, in pictures. It would have been wonderful to have him watch the real thing. But unfortunately, we live in the city. I feel that those who were born & raised in the province are so lucky to have experience such things. To wade in the mud in the rice paddies, bathe in the river, chase dragonflies & watch butterflies up close. I don't think Basti has seen a live grasshopper. Or a firefly.

Anyway, when he was in nursery they were taught the parts of a turtle and it was only then that I learned that the hard shell the turtle is carrying around is a carapace.. Imagine that! don't know what to say, for me it's just a shell."

Now Basti is in Grade 1 and learning so many new things, things that were taught to me in Grade 4. Oh my!